After Trayvon And Into The future

I am a man, I have the right to bear arms and defend my Castle and I can stand my ground if I am threatened away from that domain and I will kill without a conscious if necessary. What about that do we not understand, it is time out for marching and singing. We as men and women have to be responsible for our lives and those loves that are dependent on us. Stop buying bling and $1000 hand bags and buy a good handgun also get your license to carry a gun. This is Texas everybody packing except you, I know you are a law abiding citizen and the Lord will take care of you. Well the Lord gave you a brain such that you can reason, would you walk into a hornet’s nest and wait for the Lord to save you, well i say not unless you are Daniel or Moses. Tea Baggers keep talking about the government gonna take our gun, hell that is code talk for get armed and you had better do the same damn thing. I am not preaching war, I love all men and women that come in peace, but I will sleep the first MF that is out of line and intends to bring harm to me or mine.

I read an article today where Zimmerman and his lawyers were scared, well they have a right to be scared and I am not talking Salman Rushdie scurd either, I am talking war zone scurd. There are some mad MF out there that definitely are not thinking about the court system making this thing right, that are about vigilante justice. So yes, be scurd, I am not saying be bitch scurd, of course we all know Zimmerman has already mastered that. I am saying there is a thing called Kevlar and he better become very acquainted with it. Some say why he need to be on guard, the African American is a passive group, when things go bad for them they march and sing. I am saying the natives are restless and so damn angry and frustrated they are killing each other.

I was born in a time of turmoil in America, but we as a whole came thru a matter of fact things were pretty peaceful for the majority of the days of my life in East Texas. There were no major riots, no water hoses or dogs turned on the citizens by the police, none of that. but let it be known there was no secret that the better things of life were set aside for that part of the population that were not darker than blue. Everyone knew that with education the race would advance and the country as a whole would be all the better for it. things went along pretty good until 2008 then Barack Obama became President and that old BS came out the jar again. My advice is to put that racism and hatred back into that jar and slam the door on Pandora’s Box because the lid has only been cracked and nothing good has come out of it yet.

Many wonder what is all the uproar about. What is it They want now. Well, if you do not know, you have been walking under a veil of false security and I know that is not the case or you would wonder into those areas you know to stay the hell out of. Yes, I am talking about those seedy areas, those areas that make even the brave me, lock my doors and make sure the heat is within reach while the car is still rolling. Do not act like you don’t know, you know that area where you try to make your domicile as far as possible away from. This area is not a race it is a culture and that culture is fed by a society in total denial, that endures that this underbelly remains a permanent part of life as we know it. How you might say, well as long as there is inadequate schooling, and disproportionate dispersal of good and service including jobs, this underbelly swells like a pregnant roach and gives birth to more and more of the same populous.

There is a murmur in the air of what President Obama should do, what he has done or has not done for the African American Community. Hold UP! What the hell have you done?! Don’t, you think that if there are more jobs across America there will be more jobs for every citizen that has prepared his or herself for that opportunity. Sitting on your ass complaining, with your damn pants sagging below your ass is not gonna get your ass anywhere. Who the hell you think is going to hire you, looking like a fool and thinking you cool, while talking in a language that is incomprehensible to the majority of those in position to make a difference in your economic condition. What the hell you think somebody owe your ass something? Hell, the Government is passing out money in loans and grants like a man with his artery severed and all your ass want to do is get the money and buy cars, guns, and bling. GTFOH, ain’t no love here for that kind of thinking, I would not hire your sorry ass to mow my damn yard.

About us African Americans, we got to do better. Do you, the generation younger than 50, actually think we risk our lives for you to look like a fool, act like a fool, and waste your life like a fool? It is time for you to get a grip and realize what life is about, know what your responsibilities to society are, and what your responsibility as a sperm donor or absorber are. Walking around here making babies like it’s your job then walking away to do it all over again. Get a clue man, that is your blood. Your responsibility, and those responsibilities are far reaching. You might not be a rocket scientist, but be something, if it is nothing more than a handyman. Handymen start business and become successful business owners. You might not have prepared yourself in the first half of your life, but all is not lost, get off your ass and do something. Consider learning a trade or if you are astute enough go get a grant or loan, go back to school. This is the time to prepare yourself for the oncoming industrial buildup for the future, but you do not have forever to do it. The President is having hell getting Jobs Bills, farm Bills, infrastructure bills, or whatever it is passed to get the economy going, so get ready, the next building revolution is coming. Jobs of the future will be much different than they are today, or should I say today’s jobs will not give you the standard of living you desire. Do not be sagging and hanging and getting your record screwed up, use this time to better yourself.

Now, this group of misfits between the age of 25 and 35 you have proven to be a wasted rolled in the hay, how the hell the sperm that made you beat the other thousand is a total mystery to me, maybe you will come into your own before it is too damn late. The young women are selling blowjobs like it is a million dollar industry, while the deadbeat dads just wait fir you to get your money for they can buy big tires to go on their cars. What are you doing? You are entertainment on the court shows and the laughing stock on the “Baby Daddy Shows”. What is that all about? I’m mad at Zimmerman, but he was out there hunting a boogieman and woman that he felt if exterminated would make the world a lot better place for him and his chosen people to live. If they had gone for insanity I would have been less angry, but it is what it is.


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Just an everyday guy trying to make it on a stack of dimes in a hostile environment called America.
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