Looking Back Before We Move Forward ~ Part V1

As the Indian wars period ended another issue start to weight heavily on the American conciseness, what to do about slavery?.  The slaves had become one of the major issues of debate and it was not going away peacefully.  America was ready to explode like a powder keg, all it needed was a spark.  That spark came when the States started to suffer from a massive overload of manpower and a lessening need of their services.  the cotton gin and tractors were the new slave for the American dream and Negros became an in necessary burden upon the farmer and landowners.  One thing had not changed though, the Caucasian remained as lazy and as entitled as he always had been so he again went to work at a new kind of slavery called share cropping and the minimum wage.  This idea would prosper as long as there was a vast population that were on the verge of collapse.  This under educated under paid population was housed in quarters which later were replaced by the ghettos of present day America.  There is a plan behind the provitization of this underclass, anything illegal can become profit in a population such as this and he who has the resources controls the masses in this group.  From here all types of crime are incubated here from drugs, black market sales, prostitution,  and the grandfather of them all gang activities. The African American would have become as ruthless as today’s youth many years ago if it was not their early teachings in Christianity.

From this background and strong Christian values came Rev. Martin Luther King, Rev Jesse Jackson, Reverend Joseph Lowery, and many more ministers and religious leaders to keep the movement going in a direction to avoid direct confrontation with the US Military.  For this group of Civil Rights leaders were walking a very dangerous line that could have very easily fallen victim to John Edgar Hoover’s and McCarty’s Communist Witch hunts.

late 50’s and 60’s was a time of turmoil in the US, as a matter of fact
it was America’s 2nd Civil War, only this time it was fought with a
mixture of weapons, guns, marching, water hoses, dogs, and the First


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