Money For Everyone But Citizens Nov 18, 2008

Entry for Nov 18, 2008  Lenders Ask Please Can I Borrow $700 Billion Mr. Taxpayer


controlled House & Congress & Federal Reserve Chairman
Benankie: Please help us, we are in a downward spiral, the economy is
in a tailspin and the banks are defaulting on loans and gonna have to
close their doors unless the American taxpayers lend us $700 Billion to
fix the problem and up the FDIC insurance temporarily to 250K to safe
guard moneys that companies have in banks.

As you remember the
congress got together and delivered on the billions of dollars
requested and the arrogance again resurfaced as the wrangling began
almost before the money was delivered. CIG threw a $145k celebration
party and the good times were here again; then they made their we have
arrived speech.

Oh thank you, thank you very much for bailing
us out. We, the lending and credit institutions are totally grateful
for your assistance. Oh, yes we will help all you save your homes from
foreclosure and lower the interest rates and become a productive
partner in the revitalization of the American economy.

Ca Ching Ca Ching billion more was requested to be added to the 700 billion since they got it so easily.

Paulson dropped the boom, the old bait and switch was in full effect.
The New God of The Treasury Paulson said, we are sorry but we cannot
use the money to bail out home owners, it has been earmarked for the
financial institutions. In
other words Thank You and fuck you!!! Go live under the bridge. Let
your new Nigga President save you when he gets in office. We gonna do
as we please, as long as we are in power.

Now for all you
idiots that voted for Republicans, I hope you are the first to move
under the bridge, you unpatriotic SOBs. I have no sympathy for you,
with your no good hate mongering asses. For the rest of us die hard
Blue Bloods, we must pray for January 21st to come quickly so we can
kick the bastards out and get on with the healing of the Nation.


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Just an everyday guy trying to make it on a stack of dimes in a hostile environment called America.
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