Tom Cat On The Warpath

A Direct Hit from Tom Cat To Gov. Sarah Palin

September 07, 2008

58 DAYS TILL PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION 2008 ……get ready to rumble……

being keep under wraps till last minute…. No Media Appointment at
this time.

If she is not ready for the media ….SHE DAMN SURE AIN’T

Come on Now Sarah, you know
the Republican party will forgive you for everything except an affair
with an Nigga, since that is what you are running against in their
eyes. You ain’t got the balls to talk to the American public, you are a
puppet of the party machine, and you are for change,…. Bitch…. Yes
Bitch, cause those are the characteristic you are depicting, none are
those of a strong American woman, so BITCH, Tom Cat is calling you out.
Get your ass on your soap box or get the hell outta the way, with your
bridge to nowhere grifter ass.

Call your boys, send
them out , Tom Cat ain’t running, my feet are firmly planted in my
beliefs and my rights and freedoms, I am a card caring American citizen
that does not let anyone say shut up, stand in the back, wait your
turn, not now, much different from you, with your weak ass.

Palin Sticks to Script on Campaign Trail

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Sarah Palin speaks during campaign rally in Lancaser, Pa.

Gov. Sarah Palin is playing it safe as she hits the campaign trail with
Republican presidential candidate John McCain. Palin is sticking to a
handful of popular lines from her convention speech while also avoiding
questions from reporters and voters.
Also See: Obama Turns Up Heat on Palin


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