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Just Another Day In Your Life  ~ Sept 29, 2008

The American media continues it’s spin
on the brainwashing of the American public, while Gov. Palin hides out
from the Sissy conservative Press. Hoping that all her dirty laundry
and unworthiness will be overlooked if she just be quiet as a church
mouse and avoid hard questions, while stating very carefully scripted
sound bites. Can you imagine this planned event in any other situation, how about the planned wedding in India, Iraq, Iran, or any other group that believes in planned marriage.  This is what we are getting a bride that we know almost nothing about and we plan to have her take over all our dreams in case we were to fall; and Oh by the way, we are walking on stilts for the first time.  Well, the other thing is she might be cramming for her
exam, you know like we did when we were in college and had bullshitted
half the semester away chasing skirts or partying and sobering up after all our weekly bong and drinking binges.  America, we cannot take this chance.  There are too many dark clouds in the sky to just hope that when the rain comes we will be spared from it’s wetness.

Can you imagine what Bill
Clinton would have accomplished if he had a bunch of bitches in the
news media like we have today. You know just trying to make nice and be politically correct before they lost their jobs, instead of being the most bias news media on the face of the earth.  Do you remember all the major distractions his administration had while the country tittered on collapse while battling the under current of mutiny.  Yet and still with a couple of blow jobs and  a forgiving wife we got a balanced budget and remained strong and respected in the worldwide community.  If all things were equal and half the American people were behind him as they are behind this GOP disaster, hell even George W Bush probably would
not have been able to screw up the economy.

Wait a second, we cannot just throw poor President George Bush under the bus, he was only the loudest dog growling in this fight.  I might even go as far as saying he was the Alpha Fool that led us down this path of destruction, but we must understand that he had a majority on both sides of isles and all those that are not in jail now, must stand their trial in the next election, unless selective memory again prevails.   Those of us that love the dream of our mighty nation must not let this lesson fade into the sunset, because there are still many traitors that are hiding behind the man they are calling "That Idiot From Texas" now.  They must be removed for the recovery of the nation to began such that America can heal and lead again.

Maybe I am mistaken, but
I am wondering if many Americans have put her sheets back on and will vote race in 2008. many in the media would like to paint the majority of the Obama supporters with this wide brush, but it is time to change, not only directions, but the prevailing identity of the man that is King of the Free World.  If this does not happen in our lifetime the America we know as the leader of the free world to go the way of the dinosaur.
There is no question if America continue the same path we are going we will get
the same results. I’ve heard that only an Idiot keeps doing the same thing while
expecting a different result, that seems to be our America. Seeming, Americans
are in this foolish cycle of electing dumb ass poorly prepared Republican
leadership and letting them spend us into great deficits. Then America goes
running to the Democrats to fix the problem, and the democrats have to tax and spend while cutting the programs they believe in, then as soon as it is fixed, we do it all over again. One day the democrats are not gonna be able
to reverse all the GOP’s screw ups and the entire structure will collapse. Then we be
Royal Subjects bowing to China and saying mama-sun and wearing those funny Chinese Hat. You do recall that Gil Scott stated the one that owns all the resources will be the one that controls your world.  We are on course just like a jet plane toward third world status.  My Uncle Earl stated that the US was in a downward spiral back in 1979 and it would take strong leadership to reverse this trend. Looks like his prophesy is becoming reality.


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Just an everyday guy trying to make it on a stack of dimes in a hostile environment called America.
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