Obama vrs. Alzheimer’s Patient # 2

August 02, 2008 So It’s Obama vrs. Alzheimer’s Patient # 2

Come on America!! Get a grip.
Do you remember the last time we had old, Alzheimer’s Patient #1,
running for president. I think one of the statements he made was there
was no problem between the races when he was a kid, everyone was
treated the same or something to that extent. The year was 1981, yes
you remember when the US got on course the first time and ran right
into a ditch behind "Reaganomics", you know the one voodoo Economics,
trickle down economy, rich get richer toss a few crumbs to the poor.
Yes, that guy, "The Great Communicator" and America has been singing
"He’s a jolly good fellow" every since to hide the big fuck up they
made when they put a guy that acted like a Democrat, till he show his
true colors and unmasked as a true Republican, led the witch hunts for
Communist, (mind you a Communist was anyone that was against what
America stood for; and at the time America stood for Racism,
Discrimination, Lynching, and killing of minorities), acted like a
actor and then acted like a president says Gill Scott and I agree.
During the slave years Americans were the number one violators of human
rights in the Northern Hemisphere. Now we have Alzheimer’s Patient #2
looking like a fool, ready to be laid into a casket at any second,
being the robot of a failed Republican Agenda. Trying to continue the
policies of the worst American President since Warren G Harding,
wanting to give America as many years of white-ism as possible just to
take us farther into the deepest debts of third world life in the
footsteps of George W Bush Jr. Governor Ann Richards of Texas once said
"Poor George he was born with a silver foot in his mouth" well he has
continued to put that foot in his mouth for two Presidential terms and
the side effect is America is suffering from the decease of all great
empires. America is going the way of Babylon, she has become a country
with clay feet in the fast lane of destruction with her roots grounded
in hatred of that one drop of blood that will determine how much love
we share for this great country. There is no question where the path we
are on leads, but will we continue to follow this known path or be
steered onto a safe path by wiser men is the question?
First we will look at what the qualifications one must possess to be President of the US.

Age and Citizenship requirements – US Constitution, Article II, Section 1

No person except a natural born citizen,
or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this
Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President; neither
shall any person be eligible to that office who shall not have attained
to the age of thirty-five years, and been fourteen years a resident
within the United States.

Term limit amendment – US Constitution, Amendment XXII, Section 1 – ratified February 27, 1951

person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice,
and no person who has held the office of President, or acted as
President, for more than two years of a term to which some other person
was elected President shall be elected to the office of the President
more than once.

Nowhere do you see any of the concerns
given by today’s citizens concerning experience or the capability to be
Commander in Chief even though those are very important and admirable
qualities to have. And oh, by the way none of the candidates have the
experience of being President nor Commander in Chief. OK, OK, I will
give it to McCain he did go to war was among those that fought
valiantly and was not fortunate enough to return to the front lines
after being shot down and captured and enduring a horrendous time as a
POW in the Vietnam Conflict. McCain was a POW for five years and by
some stretch of the imagination he becomes an American Hero and is
qualified for the Presidency of this great country. I thought the guys
that rushed in to save the damsel in distress were the heroes. What
about all the rest of the POWs, aren’t they just as qualified? Oh
sorry, he has been a very active member of the Republican Senate, that
same Senate that green lighted every bill that George W dreamed up in
the last 12 years which has landed us in this quagmire. Now he talks of
a change in direction, where is he going to another men’s room in a
different building, or is he just confused again… Maybe we better
check with his staff, maybe he is looking for another one of his

OK enough bashing on that poor old senior citizen,
lets just look at the amount of experience George Bush Jr had vs the
two candidates for the 2008 election also previous Presidents and
presidential candidates. George bush Sr was an Oil man, that made it
rich during the boom days of big oil. He later became a politician and
later the President of the US for one term. George Bush Sr and Barbara
Bush had six children– George,
Robin (who died as a child), John (known as Jeb), Neil, Marvin, and
Dorothy. George Jr. was the typical rich kid, getting drunk having fun,
then some how a light went off in his head and him and his brothers
cooked up schemes to buy baseball teams ands become governors of
states. They were gonna be a dynasty something to rival the Kennedy’s
of old.

But who is George
W Bush and what were the qualifications that made him the 43rd
President of the United States and how does he stack up against the
others past and future Presidents.


Yale University, Bachelors degree in history

Graduate School

Harvard University, Masters of Business Administration

Career and Public Service

F-102 pilot for the Texas Air National Guard
Owner, oil and gas business
Managing Partner, Texas Rangers Baseball Team

working on his father’s successful 1988 Presidential campaign,
President Bush assembled the group of partners who purchased the Texas
Rangers baseball franchise in 1989. There were rumors that some of the
money was from risky loans some of which caused the Savings and Loan
Debacle in the late 1980’s. Nevertheless, his name was never associated
with the scandal and he made a bundle when the team was sold.

Governor of Texas

Bush served two terms as Governor of Texas, not a really powerful
position, but it damn sure has a lot of power when you look around the
rest of the US, we were a Republic once and could succeed and still be
self sufficient if necessary or can we. Under his guidance the great
state of Texas lead the nation in execution, the theme "Don’t Mess With
Texas" had teeth under Governor Bush. When criminals asked for stays or
clemency Governor Bush stated that he was not there to interfere with
the decisions of law, but to ensure that they were carried out

He became the first Governor in Texas history to be
elected to consecutive 4-year terms when he was re-elected on November
3, 1998.All in all it was just another bully pulpit, that
got George ready for the big time, only thing was he brought along his
cowboy mentality, into the White House a place where diplomacy was
necessary and what did we end up with, a major fuck up.

President of the United States


has pledged to work in a bipartisan spirit, which means he plans to
work with both Republicans and Democrats in Congress to pursue goals
that are best for Americans. President Bush’s goals include
strengthening the nation’s public schools, reducing taxes for all
taxpayers, strengthening the military, saving and improving Social
Security and Medicare, and encouraging Americans to be responsible
citizens. One thing you can bank on about George Bush Jr. is if he sets
his mind on something he will not let anything deter him away from his
destination, be it right or wrong. This is how we started the war and
why we continue the war.


Bush has also worked to improve health care and modernize Medicare,
providing the first-ever prescription drug benefit for seniors;
conserve our environment; and increase military strength, pay, and
benefits. Killed all his father’s adversaries in Iraq and overthrew
that government against all American Law. I do not think there will be
another American President that will call for the heads of a country in
the manner that George Bush did smoke em out catch em running, bring em
in dead or alive.


policy always suffer under presidents that do not understand their
responsibilities and duties in the international community. There will
always be war and the economy will suffer since all resources will be
diverted to that war effort. Bush Jr has led the US to the brink of
depression, more housing foreclosures than any other time since the
great depression. These are hard times that call for strong leadership
with intelligent guidance. The Iraq war was a total smoke screen for
America’s inadequacies in
their attempt to capture Ben Laden and a little of a grudge against a
dictator that caused Bush Jr’s father a second term as President of the
US. He was so adamant about getting Saddam Hussein that he disrespected
his Secretary of State, Colin Powell, and made decisions publicly
without his input then later pulled him in the loop. This destroyed
Powell’s political career and it was dismissed just like squashing a
bug. This could be one of Bush Jr’s major accomplishments since Powell
and President were often in the same sentence before this day of
destruction. African Americans were not happy to see Powell or Rice
involved with these GOP scoundrels in the first place and they are not
gonna forget it anytime soon. This major black mark was left by the
Bush Jr administration and we are not gonna forgive this one.

Who is John McCain?
This man we equate with Alzheimer’s, ex prisoner of war, lifetime
pillar of the GOP and supporter for four more years of the Bush
administration. Let’s take a look at the Arizona senator and see what
he brings to the table other than the SOS.

John McCain is the
Republican nominee for president in 2008. McCain has been a U.S.
senator from Arizona since 1987. A 1958 graduate of the U.S. Naval
Academy, McCain had a 22-year military career as a pilot and officer in
the Navy. Five of those years (1967-73) were spent in a Vietnamese
prisoner of war camp after he was shot down over Hanoi during the
Vietnam War. McCain left the Navy in 1981, was elected to Congress in
1982, and then was elected as U.S. senator from Arizona in 1986. In
2000 he ran for the Republican presidential nomination, but was
defeated by George W. Bush

his tour of duty in Vietnam, McCain had married a model from
Philadelphia, Carol Shepp from 1965 – 1980. she stood by him throughout
his imprisonment and recovery after he returned to the states. While he
was imprisoned, she was in an auto wreck, thrown through her car’s
windshield and left seriously injured. She walked with a noticeable
limp and McCain could not live with her imperfections. After his return
to America, McCain had an extramarital affair with Cindy Hensley,
whose father owned Hensley & Co., a Phoenix-based liquor company
that is the nation’s second largest Anheuser-Busch distributor. McCain
and Shepp were divorced in 1980, and 44-year-old McCain married his
26-year-old millionaire mistress the following month.

He has
seven children: sons Doug Shepp and Andy Shepp (adopted during his
marriage to their mother, Carol Shepp), Sydney McCain (his daughter
with Carol Shepp), and Meghan McCain, John Sidney McCain IV, James
McCain, and Bridget McCain, all with Cindy McCain. Bridget McCain was
born in Bangladesh and adopted in 1993 by the McCains.

He had surgery to remove melanomas (skin lesions) in 1993 and 2000 and minor prostate surgery in August of 2001… .


To continue the policies of the Bush administration, but above all else to keep the Whitehouse the White house. Do what the GOP dictates no matter what, just follow orders and be a good soldier.


with the Bush Administration 95% of the time ensuring his failed
policies got passed. Was nicknamed McNasty for his fighting tactic
during his military career. Was a successful skirt chaser, successful
at marrying beautiful wealthy women. Survived being shot down and
tortured as a POW for 5 years during the Vietnam Conflict.


his wife after she stood by him through his POW years in Vietnam
Conflict, after she was disabled due in a car wreck. Leaving her left
her without the necessary insurance to get the best care available. Was
not able to block the Martin Luther King birthday holiday in Arizona;
even though he voted against it each time it came to the floor.

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