History of Pre-Presidential Experiences

From The desk Of Odra Dyson:

I received this from my very good friend, a retired Rockwell International retiree, and my
Brother-In-Law, Bro. Odra Dyson, Minister of Santa Monica Church of Christ in Santa Monica
CA… He is not into blogging which I actually hate, because he is a very astute speaker and
man of God with his own political opinions and ideas that really need to be heard by
the American Public, So Bro Dyson if you change your mind welcome aboard.
Some of those fine sermons could live forever here in Cyber-Space. From time to time,
I will with his approval set his written and spoken words to life on the net,

Pre-Presidential Experiences

On Presidential experience and qualification just look at history. Four
Presidents, all military, had no government qualification. One
farmer-solder, one solder, and two military academy. (Washington,
Taylor, Grant, and Eisenhower). Abe Lincoln stands unique because he
had no education and only spent two years in the House of
Representatives. Teddy Roosevelt is another, only spending two years as
the Secretary of Navy. Today none of these six would be viewed by the
media and the liberals as experience or qualified.

Look to
Mount Rushmore! There is Washington (solder), Jefferson (2 year
Governor), Lincoln (2 year House member), and Teddy Roosevelt (2 year
Sec of Navy).

Of the 43 Presidents, 23 came from State Governorships. Many only after
two years. Of our 220 year history, 122 years was lead by ex-governors.
Conversely, only 10 years by those going direct from the Senate to the
White House, for two died in office. Only four lawyers spent limited
time in the Senate before going direct to the White House (Pierce,
Garfield, Harrison, Kennedy). The rest of Presidents coming out of the
legislature first did some duty in the executive branch in Secretarial
Positions, or in V.P. Positions.

The fact is few spent a lot of time in Washington D.C. before moving
up, proving that leadership is not a function of time, or of time spent
in D.C. legislatures and legislative committees The fact is also that
most went through Ivy League Law Schools. Twenty one came out of Ivy
League law colleges. Nine had no college. Three from military
academy’s, and the rest, some college. Most political experiences, time
wise, was in State and local governance.

As I have stressed, think leadership not experience, not familiarity.
Too many confuse experience (time)with qualifications (ability). Too
many confuse education (law school) with intelligence (reasoning


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