Did You Vote Yet?

Did You Vote Yet?  Well Vote Straight Democratic Ticket!!!!

  I normally would not suggest this but damn the more I research the worse this thing gets and the damn GOPers are the
worst thing that could happen to America right now, so I am like Bush Sr "Read My Letters, Vote Straight Democratic Ticket"


Let’s Kick The GOP SOB’s Outta Washington

not long ago when a very popular Governor of the Great Red State of
Texas, (yes Texas is The leader of the Red States for the GOP),was
asked if he would give a day off for elections and he said the Negro
voters have such a small impact on the election and if you give them a
day off they will just go fishing. That man was Gov Clemans and he was
reelected in Texas after that blatant true statement, cause if we did
not go fishing we sure the hell did not go vote or his sorry ass would
have been gone in a twinkle of the eye.


My African American Brothers: Are we going fishing Brother.. While our
great Rescuer stands tall and fights the good fight for your rights,
your livelihood, trying his best to awaken a down beaten American
Middle and Have-Not Class that knows even our children’s future is at
stake. Well those that believe n red do not believe there are any
African American fathers in the household anyway. Let’s change this or
do you care about your children? Have we become pacifist bitches or
will we finally straighten our backs and be the men we were born to be.
Maybe it is too late for some of you to vote because you did not
register, well get your shit together, your life and the rest of
American existence depends on this day forward. The rest of us will go
elect our new President, but you stand strong ready to stand up against
an oppressive elite upper class, that will do whatever it takes to
steal this election. That is why McCain still is so confident, so Stand On The Ready!!!


About TMoore0917

Just an everyday guy trying to make it on a stack of dimes in a hostile environment called America.
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