55 Years Later

As I sit here I realize that a half century has past since my bottom
was spanked and I inhaled the first breath of Oxygen on a planet called
Earth. I sit back and contemplate the things that I have seen transpire
and again have to remind myself that there are no losers on this earth.
Oh, would like to disagree with me, but from the time we were just
sperm cell we began a race that made us the primary winner of the
greatest sweepstakes of them all…Life. Yes we that one sperm cell
beat out thousands of other sperm cells racing to the egg to impregnate
and make us living souls.

Now the argument begins what have
you done since your sorry ass was spit outta the shut. The most
important thing is breathing and stay alive, so we off and running.
Where there is life there is hope. And sometimes hopes and dreams are
all we have to pull us across the finish line. Take for instance our
life in America today: where there are two men of any race, creed, or
religion trying to accomplish a goal. What is it that makes one man
want to steal, kill, and destroy, with a goal to disrupt the peace all
over the world and the other tries to be the leader of the free world
and want to solve the problems of that world. Is it a problem trying to
negotiate a peaceful withdrawal of enemies around the world? It is not
a problem if the man in charge has superior negotiation skills and uses
them toward the peaceful settlement of issues, and only uses agression
against agression as the last resort, but when used use them as a
decision maker by beating the enemy into submission, the shows him a
better way of life, not religion, not clone him, but giving him the
free will that we as Americans have,

Let me hip you to one
thing, every time you get a dumb ass in office, one that does not know
anything about anything, there is gonna be disagreement. Now if you got
a dictator, or a Texas Cowboy, who does not give a damn about
negotiation or the skills of negotiation its always’ s gonna be
warfare, cause you gotta get outta town before sundown, ask George as
we call him in Texas G W. George W is not as bright as you would want a
president to be, but it is one thing for sure he is a man that says
what he means and tries to do it even if it caused the entire collapse
of the world economic system. But we cannot lay all this carnage at the
President’s feet…he only runs a bully pulpit. But rule it he did,
with his man Thank God this nightmare is over and we can try to pull
this thing back toward the center or the world would definitely be
headed for destruction.

Let move down a scale here all of us
cannot be Barack Obama’s, we got our economy too, when a fellow does
not know what the price of gas is for the common man, he has lost
touch, he got his head up another country’s ass trying to meddled into
their affairs. Now take it, I am not a Pacifist, as you know I am an
East Texas Country boy that is a lifetime member of the National Rifle
Association, yup that is me. Yes we needed more laws to track the
movement of guns throughout the US and the Ouzzie and automatic pistol
should have been strictly regulated. I have to admit, man some bad ass
shit was on the street back then, now ain’t nobody got them but
collectors, gun traders, and the real underworld. I grew up when all
that shit was legal, just go to the store and buy you one take it home,
kick back. Next day get up strap 5 or 6 guns on and walk down the road
and go hunting on your place, nobody paid any attention. It is a
different world now. If you are seen with a gun you are automatically a
bad guy. Now there are laws that will not let the common man buy a gun
to protect himself or his family, gotta wait 5 days..well I am sure
that this legislation has saved a few people lives, but what the fuck
is five days if you already made your mind up to turn a fellows air off.


About TMoore0917

Just an everyday guy trying to make it on a stack of dimes in a hostile environment called America.
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