The Pound Hit Hard Again

Ernest Morrison of California Dead at 85 Aug 13, 2008


Dawg Pound was hit hard again this month when "The Man That Loved
Knowledge" cashed in his chips at the grand age of 85. He was the last
of the Morrison boys of his generation on my Grandmothers side of the
family. He filled your days with laughter and spoke of a life that even
us young guys envied. Even at his ripe old age he had two babes in
their 30 living with him, and he did not condone any of that Female
Female loving, he always said..hell I got some dick here if you want to
lick and suck I got plenty for you to work on without you two going at
each other…Nope none of that shit under my roof." We always had big
laughs and I said, damn I bet they are glad to get just a half hour
together, let alone the 3 week vacation he always spent in Texas.   He made his pilgrimage to Texas every year as long as I can remember,  I recall them driving foen grom California to East Texas and the big parties that were thrown when him and the crew made it home.  They always met at my grandmothers for a few days before moving on to Terrell and then into Liberty Troup where our family roots were.

he was a character….I especially enjoyed his last visit and wish I would have made the trip back to Cali to enjoy more time this past
year, for we all knew the grim reaper was standing by with his sickle
to uproot him at his weakest point. He was battling Throat cancer and I knew that we would not see each other again unless i made the effort and I could not bear the though of being there as he slippled away from this world. I 
know the last weeks had to be painful because he love to talk so much and
you could not understand him anymore. As usual I bowed out and waited
fate to take her course, but sometimes I wish I could just have that
last conversation, you know like my Mom and I had just before she past

He is among the elders now looking down upon us and telling the grand
tale of life here on earth.  We are all richer because he let us know the importance of family and it does not matter the distance we much carry ourselves as family and make a conscious effort to always stay in contact with each other.  Ernest was the last of the Old generation, now we must hold up the banner that he passed on.

Keep em laughing Ernie, Brother we are
gonna sure miss you for you are the last of the boys of Uncle Son
Morrison, the last of that generation. Our family tree has become just
a little less knowledgeable. I recommend that each of you invest in a
recorder and give it to that person that is important to you or that
holds the history of the family locked away like a picture in their
heads and hearts. let them put them to words for generations after this
can hear, the stories that our lives have written.


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