The Houston Trip

The Houston Trip Dec 14th -17th


be in Houston 14-17th… actually staying at Escapes Resort in
Galveston right on the seawall…Holla at me and let me know what is
happening in your town. HTown my old stomping ground, yup I spent 5 of
the best years of my bachelor life right here in the Dirty South,
thought I owned this town. Had my pick of the ladies from UH, TSU, Rice
and the rest of the city since we partied all the time. Back in those
days they called me Big Times, my buddy Big E, and Larry, Sweet Pee &
Massingberg, Berg. (Massingberg died in a head on collision a few years back)
It was the 70’s and I was making what would be considered good money
for a young black man, but for me it was chump change. And I treated it
like it was chump change too, spent it on everything that Big Times
wanted and gave the rest to my parents. But Lord did we party, that is
what I remember. We partied from U of H to TSU on a continuous basis
and ventured into the dark world of nude dancing girls and pimping. Big
E worked for LubriOil Corp in Pasadena so we would have 3 days a week
to reign romantic terror on the woman of the city. We had the finest
and most beautiful women that our skills would gather and we gathered
whatever came our way. Those years have past and we are older men
coming home to see our daughters and enjoy the accomplishment that they
had made.

December 18th back in Dallas 3:30 am: After the trip I
am still wondering why I left that lively town. Man!! this was real
life!!! We entered the land mass of Houston around 6:00 pm and was at
our destination, in the heart of Houston, the Phi Beta Fraternity House
at 3247 Elgin at 7:30. All activities had been held up till our
arrival, unknown to me, but we were greeted as if we were the guest of
honor. It was more of a roast for Miss Shaundalyn Alford, who was
graduating from the University Of Houston, with a degree of Bachelor of
Science with a major in Interdisciplinary Studies. After all the
speeches and the eating the DJ kick up the sounds and the ladies
started to dance, there were 6 -1 women to men ratio, so they danced
line dances. Those Zeta sisters put on a show. We squared the place up,
changed clothes and headed to The Office on Main St.

Office & Lounge is owned by Big E’s (Eluster Alfred) nephew, the
great NFL All Pro Corner Back formally of the Eagles, Bobby Taylor.
Bobby is a great guy, down to earth and a shrewd businessman. It so
funny when we look back at the kid we remember of 5 years old, then the 17
year old Longview Lobo High School jock, then the 18 year old going to play football at Notre Dame, and
then the draft party and finally going to the Eagles in the wee hours. The next thing was the battle between the great
Eagle’s defensive back and the best receivers in the NFL.

I was hoping he went to my Raiders and they could really use a defensive back and Bobby was damn good, but they passed on him and so did Dallas. I then figured that the Dolphins would pick him up and they also passed on him. I think the dumb ass media had badmouthed him for being too small and all kinda BS, thern the first thing he does is get to shut them up. I remember
the talk in Dallas that the future Hall of Famer, Michael Irving was gonna have
a field day on the inexperienced Taylor. Come game day,  Bobby shut him down, it was
the first time Irving has ever been shut down, and the rest is history. Now I look at the Man,
Bobby Taylor, and it is a good feeling to see him, how he carries himself
and the way he has made all those around him proud. I love the way he
honors his parents and grand parents. You could not ask for a better


We were met at the door by his closest staffer, and
ushered in ahead of a tremendously long line that stood in the cold
night air. Wow we were inside, on both sides of the wall were large
white leather lounge sofas for the VIP guest and this is where we were
seated, hell, I felt like I was royalty again. The women across from us
about 12 of them were dancing and gyrating so vigorously that you could
see the bottom of their buttocks from time to time and when they went
to the floor, only the darkness of the room kept prying eyes from
seeing the promised land cause 2 inches of cloth was open for the
viewing. They were great entertainment and great company. Then Bobby
came in and they all ran to him to just hug or touch him, he paid this
no mind spoke to each of them and then came to our table to see if we
were getting the royal treatment. A few minutes later one his staffers
that had move in from Philly took me on a tour of the place, it had
upstairs VIP room, that available for rental for private parties, which
is what was going on that night. After I got back down to my seat
feeling like a kid in the candy store with a pocket of money, I told
him "Man This Is The Life", to which he cracked up. You guys go to the
office and enjoy the high life. It is on Main St downtown Houston.

We got back to the Resort at 3:00 am and I made my run to the snack bar in the lobby …and then off to bed.

wake up call and we were off headed to Houston for the Commencement
Services, which was to start at 2 am. We are big guys both over 6 feet
and 300 lbs, they had us sitting side by side. We were like two leaning
towers, we turned and looked at each other and said this ain’t gonna
work and gave up our seats and went to the peanut gallery. We stood
through the entire service which lasted 3 hours and I had new shoes
on,so I was glad when I got back to the Truck to get some relief. The
next stop was Papadeux for dinner, I skipped that to spend time with my
daughter and other family members. After a long and adventurous weekend
we returned to DFW and tried to get some rest, well did, I am retired.
Big E had to teach school that Monday, but he called at 6pm that
evening stating he made it through the day without falling asleep, but
he was gonna drop off the face of the earth when he went to bed that

So Dallas, Houston is a lot more fun, but I am glad to be Home.

Eluster and his daughter, Shaundalyn Alford. 


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