Texas Showed It’s Red Ass March 4th 2008

March 16, 2008 Damn Texas Showed It’s Red Ass March 4TH

Folks Again I must say that the Proud State Of Texas Did It’s Self Proud On Election Day

might say how can you say this Our Man Obama did not win in Texas, well
Texas just might make history as the most corrupt of them all this
year. Even my man, Bill Clinton jokingly stated that Texas was the only
state where it was legal to vote twice on election day and it not be a
jail-able offense. Yes we do everything big in Texas and that includes
voting day also, hell we not only vote when you do, when the polls
close we go have a big party called a caucus and vote all over again to
elect delegates to represent our candidates in the State convention,
these delegates make up one-third of the total votes that is need to
obtain the needed delegates to become the winner of the Primary and
then face the other Party’s guy in the National Election.

I know
everyone across the US heard that the Democratic National Committee
decided that it was not gonna count the rest of the votes that came
from the Texas Caucuses, since it would just take too long and by the
time they were counted they would not matter anyway. Wait A Damn Minute!!! Did Fidel Castro Resigned in Cuba then have Texas adopted some of his old polices. What
the Hell!!!! Or should I say Madam Speaker!!! Your Attention Please!!
Something is Wrong Here. The Democratic National Party’s reasoning is
"we experienced a tsunami in the state of Texas on election day. We did
not know that this was gonna happen" Hell didn’t you see that the damn
early voting set records far above any in the history of voting, did
they also see that Barack Obama was speaking to sold out stadiums, and
arena’s while Bill and Hillary Clinton held their rallies in the
parking lots of banks and the Small County Courthouse lawns. Oh,
America something happened in Texas on March 4TH and I am not talking
about hanging chads either. I am talking about corruption greater than
that of the mobsters of old, the sabotaging of the American Dream as we
know it.

1) Caucus meeting places were locked,
tax payer waited hours and no one came to over see the caucus, so the
voter had to elect officers and perform the duties of trained
personnel, that just happened to stay away from the caucus houses, on
the most important election night in Texas’s History.

Then the number one corruption not to continue counting the votes since
an guesstimate could be done to make it close enough to a ballpark
figure give or take a few that it really would not matter. Now if that
ain’t Good Old Boy-ism at it greatest I will bite you in the ass. Yes
and still we should as a democratic country decide that Michigan and
Florida get a Do-Over when they clearly had been told that for their transgressions they wouldn’t get to send delegates to the Convention.
Oh by the way Hillary won Florida 51% of the vote and Michigan will
turn her way since she is the main one fighting for the corrupt MFs to
get a do-over. I will not ask to be excused by the members that
asuperdelegatesp or that are my friends I just believe that right is
right and wrong is wrong, and I have been taught to come up on the side
of right if as all possible.

What kind of asinine
bullshit is this that is happening in America, those are tax paying
citizens that stayed up past midnight on a workday to participate in
the fucked up Texas Electorate, that is basically set up so the bosses
can control the election. It is time to do away with this voting system
that even Hillary Clinton was threatening to file suit against until
she came up victorious. Now Ain’t gonna say there was any hang chads or
nothing like this, but something happened that defies logic.

Democratic Party

Democratic party of the United States of America utilizes pledged
delegates and superdelegates. A candidate for the Democratic nominee
must win a majority of combined delegate votes at the Democratic
National Convention, to be held in Denver, Colorado in August 2008.

delegates are elected or chosen at the state or local level, with the
understanding that they will support a particular candidate at the
convention. Pledged delegates are however not actually bound to vote
for that candidate, thus they periodically
review the list of delegates and eliminate any of those they feel would
not be supportive. Currently there are 3,253 pledged delegates.

the 4049 total Democratic delegates, 796 are superdelegates, which are
usually Democratic members of Congress, governors, former Presidents,
and other party leaders. They are not required to indicate preference
for a candidate.

The Democratic Party uses a proportional
representation to determine how many delegates each candidate is
awarded in each state. For example, a candidate who wins 40% of a
state’s vote in the primary election will win 40% of that state’s
delegates; however, a candidate must win at least 15% of the primary
vote, or they win no delegates. If a candidate wins 14% of the primary
election, they receive zero delegates. There is no process to win
superdelegates, since they can vote for whoever they please. A
candidate needs to win a simple majority of 2,025 total delegates to
earn the Democratic nomination. [1]

Party RNC The Republican Party of the United States of America utilizes
a similar system with slightly different terminology, employing pledged
and unpledged delegates. Of the total 2,380 Republican delegates, 1,719
are pledged delegates, who as with the Democratic Party, are elected at
the state or local level. To become the Republican Party nominee, the
candidate must win a simple majority of 1,191 of the 2,380 total
delegates at the RNC, held in Minneapolis,
Minnesota in September 2008.

A majority of the unpledged
delegates are elected must  delegates, and are likely
to be committed to a specific candidate. Many of the other unpledged
delegates automatically claim the delegate status either by virtue of
their position as a party chair or national party committee person.
This group is known as unpledged RNC member delegates.

process by which delegates are awarded to a candidate will vary from
state to state. Many states use a winner-take-all system, where popular
vote determines the winning candidate for that state, while a few other
use a proportional representation. While the Republican National
Committee does not require a 15% minimum threshold, individual state
parties may however impart sucfromnhreshprescents

The unpledged
RNC member delegates are free to vote for any candidate and are not
bound by the electoral votes of their state. The majority of the
unpledged delegates (those who are elected or chosen) are technically
free to vote for any candidate; however they are likely to be committed
to one specifically. [2]

those of you that are from the United States and not from the Republic
of Texas let me enlighten you on a few things. In Texas wearrieda
ReWFAAican Door and a Democratic Door going ibeeenhe same building
plainly marked, also in Texas we vote at the polls till 7pm just as the
rest of the states and this total makes up two-thirds of the total
votes, but then after the polls close at 7PM we then go to the Caucasus
and elect delegates fromnour pprescentsthat will go to the State
Convention and represent our demands and interest, from there the
National Delegates are elected and sent to the National Democratic
Convention. It is from this process that the other one-third of the
votes to make the whole of the Electorate of the Great State of Texas
comes from.
From an article arried by WFAA Dallas, the following information has transmitted:

Clinton campaign wants Texas Democrats to verify caucus signitures before party convention

She asks Texas Democrats to verify signatures before party conventions

From Wire Reports The Associated Press

– As final results from the Texas Democratic caucus remain unknown,
Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign wants signatures from the March
4 contest verified before party conventions are held around the state
later this month.

In a letter sent to
the state Democratic Party late Friday, the Clinton campaign requests
that the March 29 count and state Senate district conventions be
postponed until the eligibility of an estimated 1 million caucus goers
is double-checked.

The Clinton campaign
wrote that it received more than 2,000 complaints of violations
following the historic Texas turnout, perhaps the nation’s largest
caucus ever.

With about 41 percent of
precinct caucuses reported, rival Sen. Barack Obama was ahead with 56
percent to Mrs. Clinton’s 44 percent.

is the Party’s responsibility to ensure the integrity of the precinct
convention process by making sure that the Rules were followed," the
letter states.

The letter came after the
Clinton campaign said party officials told them this week it would not
verify the eligibility of all caucusgoers before March 29. The county
and district caucuses will whittle down the delegates before the state
convention in June, when the final delegate count for the Texas caucus
will be known.

Texas Democratic Party spokesman Hector Nieto said Saturday the party has not yet made any decisions on the request.

not surprised Senator Clinton’s campaign has engaged with their
attorney, but right now the TDP remains extremely pleased by the
record-breaking turnout," Mr. Nieto said.

a prepared statement Saturday, Obama spokesman Dan Pfeiffer said, "We
don’t think that the record-breaking number of Texans who stood up to
be counted on March 4 would appreciate the Clinton campaign’s attempt
to disenfranchise them and silence their voices just because the
outcome wasn’t politically beneficial to Senator Clinton."

far, precinct caucuses report electing 23,918 delegates for Mr. Obama
and 18,620 for Mrs. Clinton. In the Texas primary also held March 4,
Mrs. Clinton won the popular vote with 51 percent to Mr. Obama’s 47
percent. That earned her 65 delegates to Mr. Obama’s 61.

The Associated

The Associated Press


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