Obama Wins Democratic Primary InTexas

April 02, 2008 A Wake Up Call To America

the numbers are in and Obama has won Texas per the delegate count. I
know for many of the Clinton supporters in Texas this does not seem
right but hang in there, and try to keep Hillary to the things that
matter in this campaign and none of them include mud slinging. I am not
one of those that feel that Senator Clinton should drop out of the race
either. Do you recall the day that Hucklebee dropped out of the race,
the GOP thanked him for being a great Republican and staying with the
party. You see he held all those followers right till the end then he
gave them to McCain. If he had dropped out early he would have left his
followers to wonder around and finally decided if they wanted to jump
the fence and go with Hillary or stay with the GOP. It is the dame
thing here, we want Hillary to stay in the fight till the end, keep
bring forth ideas, and join forces in the end of this thing in a
brokered deal that will benefit the entire Democratic Party. Now if we
can get our two Democratic candidates to stick to the issues everything
is gonna be alright, because the GOP cannot win the election when it
comes down to the issues that impact the American Economy or even
Foreign Policy.

We Democrats in Texas are asking the
candidates to go back to the issues and stop the petty attacks on each
other. Since this foolishness has begun McClain has gain a few points
in the polls and he does not even have a platform. He is visiting the
Iraqi war zone getting photo ops with the soldiers and merchants on the
streets, and you can catch him as he makes his national comedy tour on
the talk show circuit, trying to be a welcomed face in your living room
via your TV sets. My advice is to change the channel, or you might get
caught up into the next American disaster. McClain is acting like a
president hoping to get idiots to fall for another movie scene like
that of his idol Ronald "We Are Still On Course" Regan. Who ran us
right into a ditch economically, while he governed every foreign
country he could on the face of the earth. Hoping that his theory of a
"Trickle Down Economy" would stifle us long enough for him to make his
purpose be known "get those liberals in line" in the good old US of A.
That was his mandate, and he did all he could till criminals started to
pop up on his team and have not stopped popping outta the woodwork for
every Republican Administration since. He amazingly got a case of the I
don’t recalls ands left the Capital under a cloud of Senility. Now you
let McCain get elected, he will be back into that old "money to the
rich and let it trickle down to the poor when the rich elite’s cups
runneth over". Oh it always trickles down, right away from the ones
that need it the most, and keeps things the Conservative way, the rich
getting richer and the poor getting poorer and staying poor. Oh, you
still do not believe me then, take a look at the gas pump if you don’t
wanna pay attention, with your poor ass.

And yes I said poor,
instead of po, you see poor is when you got a job and money is coming
in but you living from week to week, well lets say a coupla weeks to a
coupla weeks, and po is hope we make it this week without some help. So
if you feel it when you fill that tank and it rolls up to $55 and you
start calculating in your head looking for it to stop then you and I
are passengers on the same poor folks express. So you better be paying
attention and spreading the word my sistahs ans brothers, cause it is
time to have a redistribution of the wealth, and Obama will only be the
tip of the iceberg.

The Sherman Anti Trust Act was just thrown
in the garbage under the last several Republican Administrations, we
have more corporate monopolies than ever in the history of big
business. Mobil & Exxon merges, ATT, Cingular, and SWB recombine ,
and just last week Bear Sterns disappears from existence. During the
last few administrations it seems that the word is out that
deregulation of the business model was the wrong thing to do, so all
the major company’s, retailers, and airlines have decided to merge to
squeeze out the little guys. The day of the gigantic corporation ruling
the hallways seem to be on it’s way back. Along with that we have
noticed some of the worst crimes by CEOs and the boards of companies
against their employees and the general public as in the Enron Fiasco.
Most were settled with nothing more than a slap on the hand if it was
not squashed all together like the Wackerman MCA Mafia hearings during
the Reagan Administration. We have wholesale corrupt CEOs, and
government employees getting indited so often it does not cause the
general public to even pay attention. One of the things that was
guaranteed out of the Regan Administration is there is a 90% chance
that none of America’s worker will began and end their career with the
same company. 90% of the American working public will not walk out with
a great pension package good enough to live comfortably for several
generations, no that is a thing of the past.

In February the
Media buckled to the Republican cry babies when they state, The Media
has not been giving the same amount of favorable press to our
candidates as the Democrats are getting… Dammit the GOP Assholes got
all the publicity they needed during both of the Clinton
Administration, when they would not let him take a piss without a spy
cam being on him. Every day the bitches were in the news causing him
problem and he still was able to balance the budget, hell you did not
know who ran the country Newt or the rest of the prissy ass Republican
trouble makes. There is not a good thing to say about a Republican
anymore, they are the biggest liars, cheats, pedophiles, taxes and
spending organization in America.

Every time they are in
Office we are running a deficit before the end of the first term.
Before the end of that term we are in a worthless war that is costing
us out the yang and we have made all kinds of deals to build the
country up stronger and better after we destroy it. Then the idiots of
the village vote them back in in 8 to 12 years later because they are
suppose to have morals, and they fuck up every thing again. Now this is
a mad cycle that needs to be broken.

Now let’s look at all that
great press that the media is giving the Democrats. Hell the only thing
that they can finds on Hillary is she lied about running to cover on
one of her trip , and Obama’s Pastor has said things that are not nice
about America, there has to be some concern for Obama because he set in
the pews and heard his minister say things that were not in the best
interest of the US. This is the same Media speaking that told you that
Obama had it made in Texas ans the rest of the states, do not listen to
this kind of rhetoric, be like our fore parents, weigh what you hear
from the media, it has it’s slant too, and most of it is use to alter
the thinking of their general public.

Hell I am sure there were
folks in the crowd that heard President Bush warn Sadam and his sons to
vacate their homeland before sundown, and of course everyone did not
agree with what he said and they are not being painted with the same
brush either, so drop it. Hell this is America and a man can say what
he damn well pleases, and especially if it is the truth 95% of the
time. I did not say anything about his right to reserve that other 5%
as his truth, whether it be your truth is your decision. But you will
not face capitol punishment or be deported for hearing what they said.

you imagine electing a new president that assures you that all things
will remain the same except the economy will get stronger, but
basically I am running on the coat tails of Ronald Regan and all the
great things the Republicans has done for the US lately. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!!!


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Just an everyday guy trying to make it on a stack of dimes in a hostile environment called America.
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