January 15, 2008 79 Years Ago Today

January 15, 2008 79 Years Ago Today

15, 79 years ago today it was one of the worst times America has ever
known, the Great Depression engulfed everything and everyone, but it
was an even more horrible time for my people, "Those Of Us That Are
Darker Than Blue". Not only were we hungry, our owners were going broke
so quickly entire families were being sold and broken up to never see
each other again. From the time that the first African put footprints
on the sands of America his dark skin assigned him a position less than
the man that brought him to this country. He was property, he was not
even considered a whole human being per the Constitution of the United
States. This African, Colored, Nigger, was no more than a mule or cow
on the farm of the White Man that later became know as his master.
Master is a very powerful word, mostly it is a dominant man who desires
another being’s absolute submission. This was the purpose for importing
the African to America, dominate him, break his spirit, and make him
your slave to get your labor for free. This was the American way, and
still there have been no reparations for the African-Americana’s work
in building the United States.

Still in the mist of all this bad
in 1929, a messenger was born, Dr Martin Luther King Jr. Through his
campaign of non-violent protest he change the direction of America and
screamed out to the world America’s short comings. Then the prophet
looked into the brightness of a new United States of America and saw a
better time coming for all regardless of race, creed, or color. Because
of men like Dr King we as African-American men took the hump outta our
back and stood tall like the Kings we were. Since that day we have and
will continue to strive to reach our rightful place in American Society
and on the World Stage. On this day we that God for sending such a man
and give thanks to the man that change our world.

There are
those among us that will say that Dr King sold out for a cheaper dream
because Hebert Hoover’s FBI had the goods on him and threatened to
expose him. Yet Dr King fear no man in government or in the private
sector, he stated that he might not get to the promise land with us,
but we would reach the promised land. With these words the prophet
talks of his untimely death, for no Black Man can control the masses
and not die, this was the mandate that America lived by then and the
mandate America lives by now.

Did Dr King give up his life for a
mediocre drink from the same fountain as the white man, or to secrete
our waste in the same bathrooms, or even to walk thru the same door as
the white man. Yes he died for this and much much more, one of the
fruits of his labor has come to pass, African men and women are in all
aspects of powerful government positions,from the State house to the
White House, heads of corporations, and even Head Couches in the NFL
and NBA. Yes, because Dr King gave up his life, for the first time
history was made in 2007 when two African American men competed in the
Super Bowl. But has Dr King’s dream been fulfilled. I must answer this
with a resounding no.

At the same time that Dr King was
practicing non-violence another Black America leader, Malcolm X, was
trying to reach his goal by any means necessary. This man was born into
a racist society also, a society so cruel that he recalled his father
being killed by Clansmen in white sheets. His mother could not accept
the America that rose it’s ugly head and had a nervous breakdown,
leaving her sons to be raised in foster homes. Malcolm took the long
road to the thrown of Black Leadership, he was a thief, a drug user,
and a convicted felon. Finally he met a man that introduced him to
Islam while in the penitentiary, cleaned up his act and began to teach
the word of self determination and spreading the word of Mohammad,
until he became to powerful and was eliminated by his own Islamic

Another group of Black radicals also were not into the
non-violent stand, this group The Black Panthers were not the group
that White America wanted to deal with, because they were just what the
race baters wanted. Gun packing black men and women that would kill at
the drop of an hat. These same men were diligent workers in the Black
Community and were the forefront for many of the programs for the poor.

all the turmoil, our crowned prince and princess of Camelot sat on the
thrown of the free world and did nothing but chase whores and make
beautiful speeches; while his wife remodeled the White House and was a
trend setter in her pillbox hats. Oh, yes he took those great steps to
go to the moon, and dropped the ball in The Bay of Pigs. John Kennedy
is probably the greatest orator that has been in the office of
president in the last 50 years. I do not look at him as a man that was
concerned with civil rights . I think that Bobby Kennedy was the man
behind the scene that pushed to get civil rights issued on his desk.
The real legislation came from Lyndon B Johnson. Now, LBJ was a true
Texan, not this BS Bush Texan that has played cowboy in the White House
and left us broke and at war. LBJ was about getting things done that
had a true impact on the country. George Bush is about George Bush and
how to make himself look presidential and not the buffoon that he is.
Yes you know us the Black Ones, the one that Gill Scott Heron speaks of
in his early 70’s lyrics, the ones that the revolution will not be
televised about.


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Just an everyday guy trying to make it on a stack of dimes in a hostile environment called America.
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