Hurrican Ike Hits Galveston Island @ 105+ MPH

Sept 12, 2008 Galveston & Houston ~ Direct Hit from Ike

Hurricanes and tropical storms cover North America as Hurricane Ike covers Cuba.

Sept 12, 2008 Galveston & Houston ~ Direct Hit from Ike

Hurricane Ike slipped into the Gulf of Mexico packing winds of 105 MPH and a girth of 600 miles.

Track the Storm: Location | Projected Path | Watches and Warnings

Hurricane Ike heads into the Gulf of Mexico Tuesday.

Sept 14, 2008 Salute To The Bad Ass Inlanders, Coastal Dwellers & Islanders

Haitians travel by whatever mean possible as hurricane Ike floods the streets.

Flooding in the streets of Havana.  Military trucks help in mass exodus to remove Islanders out of the path of the hurricane


So those of you with skills better jump on in with both feet and start to rebuild, remover or whatever is necessary to shelter your families. One
of the main reasons is , looks like McCain and the First Bitch are
gonna win this race. Now my dear sisterhood do not think I am calling
her a bitch to disrespect the female race. Oh no, this is what she is
being used as, just another pawn in the big game of politics at the
American citizen’s expense. I am with Pink, this bitch hates women, and
the freedom of women. she believes that you should walk a step behind
or listen to what the puppet master says. so yes that is a bitch.

I bring this up for one reason, do you recall Katrina and how she devastated the Gulf Coast of Mississippi and destroyed the 9th Ward of New Orleans, hell those folks still have not been able to return home and 60% of them will never return to their hometowns because they have nothing to go back to.  The Government was not even interested in restoring this area, they were more concerned with policing a class of people and stereotyping them as animals and people without a country.  Most of the home still lay in rubble and all the governing bodies are trying to do is turn it into another big casino or money making venture.  The loyal subjects have already been distributed throughout the United states.  Theses  are the ways of the Republican, they are for big business 

and big government and to hell with the little man. 

         My advice is to start a small business, even if it is only removing the rubbish at this moment.  It is a means to make income, because when the storm is       
         over there will be total devastation and this is one of the best times to control your own destiny, since unemployment will be off the scales.

for the distraction, you see two things have monopolized my thinking
here lately Hurricane Ike and this upcoming Presidential Election, I
will try to concentrate on the topic at hand. I
was in Dallas and I started calling my folks on the 7Th nearly a week
ahead of time and begged them to get the hell outta there. They said,
"everything is changing by the minute it might not even comer into the
gulf and if it does it probably will miss us cause it will either hit
around Corpus or High island. Do these folks have The Weather Station,
the damn thing was 150 miles wide then and growing…had come across
the Caribbean knocking the hell outta everything it got close to,
leaving over 200 dead in Haiti and leaving a path of destruction
through brick buildings in Cuba. 

I have to give it to my daughter, I do not know if she is as smart as her Dad, but she sure put forth a good I have No Fear
poker face. I sat at my computer mapping the storm and talking to my daughter, when she told me Galveston is gonna take a direct hit you know. I had requested that they get outta Houston an entire week ahead of the storm making landfall, since they were stuck on the freeway during Katrina and just gave up and went home to hunker it out.  she refused and I said why don’t we put the kids on a flight outta there they can stay with me, and she said my daughter is gonna stay with me, I told her  I have tracked this thing across the Caribbean and this storm is much more destructive than Katrina.

It has rained down destruction from the shores of Dominica thru Cuba and now it is expected to reach the US coast with winds over 100 MPH and then head North overland with winds of over 50 MPH.  This is a monster 600 miles wide and winds over 100 MPH at it’s lowest speeds.  She again said we are gonna hunker down and ride it out.

Sept 10, 2008 Ike’s Ground Zero ~ The Texas Gulf Coast

Sept 10, 2008 Ike's Ground Zero ~ The Texas Gulf Coast

is 600 miles wide about the size of the state of Texas. I talked to my
family member in south Houston about 40 miles from the seawall in
Galveston, and they are staying put right now; however they are a
little more ansie than they were when Katrina blew through Lake
Charles, La and Beaumont, TX.

My daughter says they are gonna
sit it out unless they hear it is gonna turn south and come closer than
Corpus Christi. Last thing she said was regardless of if Galveston
takes a direct hit, we are going to sit right here, it is better than
being caught in the car with rain and high winds. So we gonna board up the windows and get ready for it.  we got our supplies and the cell phones are charged so stop worrying…we have to rest now, it will be a rough time once it hits, that is if it hits.

I just do
not get that kind of thinking, better safe than sorry has always been
my take on things, but guess when I was young I took a lot of chances
too. Our prayers will again be with those that are in the path of
danger, May God watch over them.

Evacuations Begin in Texas as Ike Looms



posted: 10 MINUTES AGO

(Sept. 10) – The frail and elderly were put aboard buses Wednesday and
authorities warned 1 million others to flee inland as Hurricane Ike
steamed toward a swath of the Texas coast that includes the nation’s
largest concentration of refineries and chemical plants.
energy from the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, the strengthening
storm was expected to blow ashore early Saturday somewhere between
Corpus Christi and Houston, with some forecasts saying it could become
a fearsome Category 4, with winds of at least 131 mph.
a storm could cause a storm surge of 18 feet in Matagorda Bay and four
to eight feet in Galveston Bay, emergency officials warned. The surge
in Galveston Bay could push floodwaters into Houston, damaging areas
that include the nation’s biggest refinery and NASA’s Johnson Space
counties south and east of Houston announced mandatory or voluntary
evacuations, and authorities began moving weak and chronically ill
patients by bus to San Antonio, about 190 miles from Houston. A
mandatory evacuation was also ordered for the west end of Galveston
Island. No immediate evacuations were ordered in Harris County, which
includes Houston.
Greer, a 54-year-old retired plant operator at Dow Chemical Corp.,
boarded up his house a mile from the Gulf of Mexico in Brazoria County
and planned to hit the road.
"Gas and stuff is high. But you can’t look at all that," he said. "I think my life is more valuable than high gas prices."
1 million people live in the coastal counties between Corpus Christi
and Galveston. An additional 4 million live in the Houston area, to the
The oil and gas industry watched the storm closely, fearing damage to the very heart of its operations. Texas
is home to 26 refineries that account for one-fourth of U.S. refining
capacity, and most are clustered along the Gulf Coast in such places as
Houston, Port Arthur and Corpus Christi. Exxon Mobil Corp.’s plant in
Baytown, outside Houston, is the nation’s largest refinery. Dow
Chemical has a huge operation just north of Corpus Christi.
are built to withstand high winds, but flooding can disrupt operations
and — as happened in Louisiana after Hurricane Gustav — power outages
can shut down equipment for days or weeks. An extended shutdown could
lead to higher gasoline prices.
always, some hardened old-timers decided to ride it out.
Fourth-generation fisherman James Driggers, 47, planned to spend the
storm aboard his 80-foot boat docked in Freeport.
"We like to stay close to our paycheck," he said.
5 p.m. EDT, Ike was a Category 2 storm with winds near 100 mph. It was
about 720 miles east of Brownsville, Texas, and was moving northwest at
8 mph, after ravaging homes in Cuba and killing at least 80 people in
the Caribbean.
matter where Ike hits, its effects are likely to be felt for hundreds
of miles, said Mark Sloan, emergency management coordinator for Harris
County, which includes Houston.
a very large storm," Sloan said. "The bands will be over 200 miles out
from the center of storm, so we have to be aware of its size as it
grows over the next 24 to 48 hours and what impacts it will have on
Friday, Saturday and Sunday."
Campos, 27, boarded up the church he attends in Freeport. He said he
was grateful the church planned to evacuate much of the congregation to
Houston by bus. "If it wasn’t for the church, it would be difficult for
many of our members to leave," Campos said.
Press writers Melinda Deslatte in Baton Rouge, John Porretto in
Houston, Juan A. Lozano in Brazoria, Michelle Roberts in San Antonio
and Christopher Sherman in Corpus Christi contributed to this report.
2008 The Associated Press. The information contained in the AP news
report may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or otherwise
distributed without the prior written authority of The Associated
Press. Active hyperlinks have been inserted by AOL.
2008-09-06 23:32:18

all seems to be calm with cattle relaxing and folks dodging waves at the Seawall of Galveston, but a monster is brewing at sea, picking up steam from the warm waters of the gulf.  The coastal dwellers do not realize it or do not believe the strength of this storm or they would have left well before the warnings were given.

  At this point my heart goes out to all of the Islanders, In-landers and the Coastal
dwellers, but all we can do is pray for their safety.  The old saying is God protects babies and fools.  Well anyone still in the path of this storm has surely put their lives into the hands of God.

Sept 13, 2008 Ike Bitch Slaps Galveston and Fucks Up Houston

Sept 13, 2008 Ike Bitch Slaps Galveston and Fucks Up Houston
Hurricane Ike started to push
water onshore 19 hours before it made landfall. The surf started
shortly after-wards and the Police began to tell folks to move from the
low lying areas. One couple stated that they would be staying and the
officer told them to please put their social security number on their
arms with permanent marker so they could be identified, that was enough
to convince them to head south on 45, but other decided to stay in
their home on stilts and take their chance against a stern warning that
staying in one story houses on the Island was gonna be sure death.

Hurricane Ike came ashore it bitch slapped Galveston and headed up
Galveston bay and into the city 42.5 miles away and just fucked it up
knocking out every land line for electricity and leaving the city
looking like a war zone.

Then it headed into North East, making a
beeline for East Texas and began knocking the mighty oaks and pine
trees down like they were dominoes, from Conroe to Lufkin straight over
Whitehouse and Troup with winds of 50 to 70 MPH leaving it’s path of
destruction, spreading fear and causing fools to tremble and pray for
mercy throughout the country. All I could do was sit and watch it
happen, see it terrorize my daughter, her family, my cousins and their
families and all my friends throughout the region from the Gulf Coast
through East Texas all the way to the rain soaked streets of NYC, my
family was totally involved, and my love ones were terrorized. 

spent hours on the phone trying to give them strength trough out the
whole ordeal, my daughter got bored with me and said, I am going to
bed..I think the worst is over…you need to get some sleep, I am too
sleep to talk..we been up all night..bye. Even though it kinda stung I
knew she was alright, but I had to get on her ass about putting the
grand baby thru that shit. So now it was just me, CNN, The Weather
Station, and the Internet…Oh do not let me forget my pets the
mosquitoes..they kept me alert whenever I seemed to nod off.

this MF was a human I would hunt him down and torture the shit outta
him then string him up and gut him alive, but it ain’t human and if I
caught it, it would be a bad day for the home team cause. That Ike is a
bad Mother Fucker. Not only did that bad ball of air roll over
Galveston, it ran up in the forth largest city by population and the
largest city by land mass and just obliterated it. It was lights out,
and might be lights out for weeks to come.

But did you check
out the Islanders and Coastal MFs that hunkered down and rode that
mother out. Man somebody forgot to tell them "You just don’t fuck with
Mother Nature". You get a picture of a bad Mf coming your way it is 300
miles wide and 200 miles long packing winds of over 100 MPH and you
gonna hunker down. well those inland did it and it was a calculated
decision, but those folks that lived out on the Island which is 4 feet
above sea level and you are expecting a storm surge of 10 to 15 feet
and the tide is already in and it has already added 12 feet to the
surf. then the warning comes out that if you stay there will be no one
to come and rescue you and you still decide to stay to protect your
valuables. What damn valuables…everything is gonna be under water,
collect the insurance and then dive and recover it later if it means
that much to you. How the hell you gonna stop the wind and the
rain…these MFs done lost there ever loving minds.

I feel for my family in Houston that is living in non
air conditioned houses for the first time in years, not only that they
have no lights, and the water is not fit to drink, some are lucky enough to have plumbing, but will not have lights for up to 3 weeks…now that
is terrible.   Yeah,
they took the blunt of Ike but all across the US there are areas
without lights, businesses and schools that are closed.  The Economy has come to a complete halt, stores are closed, and here are no gas stations even if they have places to go.  Streets are blocked and glass is everywhere, the most violent times are at hand.  Looting of stores is at an all time high in the Houston area. 

All the citizens can do is wait for the rebuilding to start, it will be a
big works project. The National Guard should be in there working to get those electric lines back up, if they can build on the drop of a dime for war, they must
be ready to do their part to help in the recovery of these devastated


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