Gonna Be Another Ok Corral

May 10, 2008 Is IT Gonna Be Another Ok Corral or What


was looking at a documentary and it stated that there were over 8000
handgun license issued in the State of Texas in the past 6 months. Many
state that it looks like the democrats are coming to office and they
are gonna ram gun control down America’s throat. Did you get yours? Looks
more like a build up of forces if you ask me, sorta like every country
does when they are ready to go to war, arm up and protect their flanks.
Well brother and sister, it is time that we got on the band wagon and
got our license too, crime is running rampart in our neighborhood,
history shows that we can only deal with one Katrina a lifetime cause
we become the enemy, and guess what America us Black folks, African
American are the Democrats. I am a Democrat and a card carrying Lifer
of the National Rifle Association. We got a motto in our state, you
take my weapon over my dead body, so I stand on the ready.

Those two guys that you can barely make out are my uncles 3 generation back, we got a thing about Freedom and the Right to Bear Arms.
My Grandfather and his son fought on the battle field for the USA, the
rest of us were that American fortified Army that were ready to come to
her aid at a minute notice, you see we stay on the ready… So get your
license or get you a long gun, shot gun, or any hand gun to protect
your family. These fools are coming right into our homes and try to
take our shit and our lives. Just stay on the ready and we will put an
end to this bullshit. And you better be aware of what is at hand, we
bough to get a Black President in these United States and there will be
a lot of folks that are not gonna be happy, you can buy a smile or turn
a fellows air and lights off if you stand on the ready, I bet cha!!!

am not about a race war over this crap, we as African Americans have
always been relatively docile. I am proud of Dr King and our fore
parents, but I was one that came of age just as the uprising for civil
rights reached a boiling point. I saw some very vile things happen
during those times, mostly on TV, and I do not think that there is that
big of a divide between the races that we will have areas of civil
disobedience, but as racist as the media has try to make this election,
you just better be aware of what is happening around you. Not only
because of this political situation, but as a fallout of the many years
since 1986. Never in our lives have we seen so many homeless people and
working poor. And yes like Bro Barack said, there is a time when we as
country folks hold fast to our religion and our rifles, and that time
is now. There has been a great amount of bitterness and wrongs done.
Hopefully everyone had a chance to check themselves during the O J
Simpson verdict. If not maybe that feeling toward Arabs and basically
all middle easterners after 911. Just be ready for anything and check
yourself America. Let’s all try to move past this feeling of uneasiness
because of race.



About TMoore0917

Just an everyday guy trying to make it on a stack of dimes in a hostile environment called America.
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