Damn Obama Is Blowing It Up!!!!!

February 28, 2008 Damn Obama Is Blowing It Up!!!!

I wrote this title kinda jokingly, but you and I both know our Bro. Barack Obama, is treading in some deep water, but no one has taken him
serious yet except maybe Bill and Hillary. I did not expect Bro Obama
to do quite as well in the predominantly White Iowa, but I am not a
fool either. I must look deep into this pit to see what is the
reasoning behind such an outpouring of Caucasian voters. Well, for one
thing I know that Iowa holds about as much impact on the Presidential
race as my home town of Troup. The other thing is that the Clinton’s
better circle their wagons and get down to business or this thing could
easily slip away from them. One more thing, if White America would
rather have an African American man, or even a man with a drop of Negro
blood become president rather than a White Clinton, things are pretty
dire. Maybe they were just trying to wake up the rest of the country to
the fact that the sleeping voter might just turn out this year.

has come a long way since 1960, but it damn sure has not come as far as
accepting a Black man as President of the US. Just the other day there
was a big discussion on the religion of one of the candidates. If we as
Americans cannot agree on freedom of religion, one of the main reasons
the original pilgrims left England and start a new country, we damn
sure cannot let this happen. Hell every day there are reports of
incidents that should be handled as hate crimes in the state of Texas
which are being white washed as just destruction of property. It use to
be said that it is those in isolated areas that are still carrying on
this hatred, but these events are happening in Arlington, Dallas, and
Houston Texas. These are some of the most affluent cities in the state,
but it is not a surprise. Hell this is the same country that kills it’s
sons, be them black, white, or otherwise if they stand up for issues
the GOP disagrees with them. This GOP is not the Republican Party it is
the "Original Grand Old Party", the sons and daughters of the KKK that
have become the old guards gate keepers. 

Would you be
surprised to wake up tomorrow morning and have to put on your mourning
clothes? Would you look at America any different if it lived up to it’s
creed and did the thinkable. Hell this is a thought that no one wants
to contemplate, but we have to because of the hatred and negative
feelings that lie just beneath the skin of everyday Americans which
they keep harbored behind closed doors in our communities. No longer
are there big crosses burning on the lawns of young couples, no they
make snide remarks and sit on the board of directors, the managers of
the jobs where we work, they are our bankers, the police chief, and any
other everyday red blooded American you can think of. 

move past this and into the issue of today, those things that our new
leader will have to preside over once the office is filled. GW the
great cowboy from Texas is about to ride off into the sunset, leaving
more chaos and bullshit than any other President in the history of
modern America. 1) The biggest drain on the country is the war in Iraq,
but can we just negotiate our way outta this one. From where I sit I do
not think that it is that simple. George has been very fortunate, we
must have very good intelligence, because I know that there are
multitudes of our enemies that want to turn his lights out. But I pray
that my fellow Texan (*$#$*) gets to go home and chase cattle rather
than fuck up the country.

Just last month another leader came
home to try and lead her nation outta the chaos that the present leader
caused. The leader came from the Bhutto dynasty, this family was
persecuted and some were even executed by the nation for alleged
conspiracy, corruption, and and greed. So why does this matter to us?
We are dealing right now with two dynasties the Clinton & Bush
dynasties, neither have been executed, but you cannot deny that the
Clintons were persecuted during the last Clinton Presidency. The other
thing is this is still the America of assignation, well known for the
assignations of Presidents: Abraham Lincoln, Chester A Garfield,
William McKinley, and John F Kennedy. Also assignations attempts were
made on the lives of Presidents Andrew Jackson, Theodore Roosevelt,
Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Gerald Ford, and Ronald Reagan.
Successful assignations were made on leaders and political figures such
as: Huey P Long, Robert F Kennedy, Medgar Evars, Martin Luther King,
Malcolm X, with the earliest assignation in 1844 of Presidential
candidate Joseph Smith Jr. Again you ask so why does this matter to us, this history of murder and murder attempts?

To understand how closely entwined the United States and Pakistan are linked, let’s review a little history about the region. Like
the Nehru-Gandhi family in India, the Bhuttos of Pakistan are one of
the world’s most famous political dynasties. Benazir’s father, Zulfikar
Ali Bhutto, was prime minister of Pakistan in the early 1970s. Benazir Bhutto followed her father into politics, and both of them died because of it – he was executed in 1979. Her two brothers also suffered violent deaths.

in 1953 in the province of Sindh and educated at Harvard and Oxford, Ms
Bhutto gained credibility from her father’s high profile, even though
she was a reluctant convert to politics. She was twice prime minister
of Pakistan, from 1988 to 1990, and from 1993 to 1996. On both
occasions she was dismissed from office by the president for alleged
corruption. The dismissals typified her volatile political career,
which was characterized by numerous peaks and troughs. At the height of
her popularity – shortly after her first election – she was one of the
most high-profile women leaders in the world. Young and glamorous, she
successfully portrayed herself as a refreshing contrast to the
overwhelmingly male-dominated political establishment. Benazir Bhutto
was the last remaining bearer of her late father’s political legacy.
But after her second fall from power, her name came to be seen by some
as synonymous with corruption and bad governance. 

Ms Bhutto
returned to Pakistan on 18 October 2007 after President Musharraf
signed into law an ordinance granting her and others an amnesty from
corruption charges. In the months before her death, she had emerged
again as a strong contender for power. Some in Pakistan believe her
secret talks with the military regime amounted to betrayal of
democratic forces as these talks shored up President Musharraf’s grip
on the country.Others said such talks indicated that the military might
at long last be getting over its decades-old mistrust of Ms Bhutto and
her party, and interpreted it as a good omen for democracy. Western
powers saw in her a popular leader with liberal leanings who could
bring much needed legitimacy to Mr Musharraf’s role in the "war against

There is a major link between the United
States and Pakistan when it comes to the latest assignation of Benazir
Bhutto. Pakistan’s government asserted today that al-Qaida was behind
the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, and offered the transcript from a
phone tap as proof. The government said it would hunt down those
responsible for her death in the lawless tribal areas along the Afghan
border where Osama bin Laden and other al-Qaida leaders are thought to
be hiding.


Again we see the name of Osama rise to the
top of the axis of evil, during all the discussions with Pakistan about Bin Laden and al-Qaida there was great resistance. Pakistan seemed to
only be interested in getting a stronger bomb. I think this
assassination will bring the US and Pakistan together to fight Bin
Laden, al-Qaida and the Taliban. That is if Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif
is not still wrapped in the sheets with the terrorist.

next thing the President will have to fix is the to put some type of
breaks on the credit institutions in the US. Credit card interest rates
are at the point of usury in this country. We have to get these loan
sharks off our college campus where they are destroying the credit of
good students before they can get started in life. Some of the rates
are above 30% which is unheard of except in the office of Loan Sharks.
This is a drag on the economy of the US and the quality of life of it’s
citizens. 3)Next an all out works project to renew the infrastructure
of the country is necessary to renew bridges, buildings, levys, and
dams around the country. We can do this if we take a can do attitude
like we did during the days of FDR.

When it is all said and
done, we must stand strong with our brother Barack Obama and his run
for the Democratic nomination. I am not telling you who to vote for,
only that when you hear someone say something against your candidate,
speak up and let your voice be heard. All of Black America stood and
took notice when Obama won in Iowa, and we are proud of his strong
finish in New Hampshire, but we cannot forget that we are still in
America and our ideas can only be heard thru the voice of strong Black
men and women who put their lives on the line and not their tail
between their legs.
I saw it in a dream where the Black man
was running to the finished line with the white woman behind him with
outstretched hands trying to pull him back and the hate monger was the
checkered flag holder. I see the picture can you.

Even though I hate this thought all I can say is:

Be Ready Brothers & Sisters !!!! Beware The American Dog Has Gone Mad!!!!

Brother Run!!! damn sure be glad when this shit is over…I am in
DTown..you know where JFK went down…so we all running scurd down
here, but we standing on the ready. These Old Buzzards just hung up
their sheets… so you know anythang can go down…It’s some down young
brother and sister out to make this thing shock the world.

Hillary & Obama Head to The Lone Star State


I do not know about you but I am a bit taken aback at the way the race
has gone so far. Barack Obama, a brilliant man vs Hillary Clinton the
darling of African American political minds head to My State, a RED
State to try and really her troops and get a grip on a presidential
race that seem to have taken a life of it’s own. And that life has
Obama leading coming into the home stretch. The unthinkable is actually
happening, and how will America stop this runaway train, will it be at
the hands of the Electoral College where even if a candidate gets them
majority of the popular vote, he still could lose the election. but hey
we are talking about delegates here, not popular votes so this should
be a done deal once the polling is over.

In the early days of
this race I looked at it as token victories for Obama, even though I
realized that this was a man of substance, a man that had voted close
to the way that most African American would have about the war. Which
seems to be the biggest issue as far as the Republican Party is
concerned. This will be the one issue that will drive a wedge between
the two parties. The GOP will continue the war as is even if it takes
us 100 years to get out of Iraq, and the Liberal Democrats are all
about getting this fiasco over with and bring the troops home, while
letting the Iraqi troops fight their own war. Well I think it will be
another Vietnam Nam where the enemy agrees to peace but as soon as the
troops leave they will overthrow the adhoc government and we will have
another spot of instability.

Both Senator Clinton and Senator
Obama have programs to address the usury interest rates that lending
institutions have and will continue to levy against the American Public
that reach as high as 34% by such card issuers as Washington Mutual,
CITI, and especially Capital One. Not only does these card issuers have
usury rates they have low limit cards that are nothing more than traps
to bilk the public out of money. Many of these companies will issue you
a card with a 300.00 limit and charge a fee of 50.00 to 95.00
membership fee, which already has sprung the trap for the new customer.
There should not be any card issued less than 500.00 and those cards
should not have a membership fee. Limited level would be the most
logical thing. something that would not penalize the consumer. Many of
the same card issuers change the date monthly such that you will never
be able to set a budgeting date in order to charge exorbitant late
fees. These issues must be addressed along with the other evil of the
lending institutions, the ARM housing loans.

The ARM loan, a
mortgage loan that starts out low but gradually increases as the
interest rates are manipulated to prop up a false economy by the
federal government. This is suppose to work in the younger home buyers
favor with a low note and interest rate when they first enter the work
force, buy a home, then gradually the note and interest rate increase
as the worker’s salary increases. This sounds good to the unknowing
first time home buyer until he finds that his note has doubled and he
cannot make the payments. Many new home buyers end up in this bind and
have to walk away from their dream of owning a home. This one act will
impact their quality of life for the remainder of their lives and
determine how their next generation live and prospers. This Raping of
the American Public must stop.

Another area where the public
was and is being raped is when homeowners free up equity in their homes
to pay off bills, pay for higher education, make home improvements, or
to pay for outstanding tax levies, there are pariah companies just
waiting to take advantage of those that do not take their time and shop
around. One of the major abusers in Texas was Ameriquest Mortgage, or
AMC mortgage, they charged as much as 10,000.00 to refinance homes in
minority neighborhoods. When they were called on the matter they paid
the borrower less than 500.00 of the 6000.00 that was due them. This
happened under the watch of Republican Governors in Texas. One of which
is now the President of the United States right now.

thing that must be addressed is health care in the richest nation on
the face of the earth. In American it’s citizen’s are still having to
make a decision of whether to eat or buy medication, whether to pay
bills or buy medication. This is shameful and should be on the top of
the priority list in any new administration. The Bush program helped
but only if you were middle class could you really take advantage of
the benefits. Just this week, I went to the my Dr. my co pay was 5.00,
my medication was 35.00, and my insurance cost for medicare and
secondary insurance was 259.00. So one visit with medicine totals
399.00 this does not include any other Dr that I see (5 more + RX cost)
then you add my spouses medical cost. My wife was in the hospital 16
days rooms @ $150 daily, surgery 18500, and the daily Dr visits and in
house meds we haven’t even gotten bills for. her monthly cost for
insurance 305 per month plus RX cost. How can those American that are
not as fortunate as we are pay for medical expense and live. The Answer
is they do not they die a lot faster than we do.

cannot wait till the polls close and America finds out who will be
representing the US against the great evil The GOP. Yes they are the
great evil and those that are afraid to call them what they are are
hypocrites. They are the most elegant liars, as a matter of fact Ronald
Reagan lied so good that we still believe his bullshit and he has been
dead so long I cannot remember how much I hated him and his bullshit
ideas and trickle down economy that destroyed the American business
plan, such that there will hardly be a human that start to work on a
major job that will retire on that job. If he does he will not have any
benefits and will have to hustle for the crumbs to keep his belly fat
and a roof over his head.

I recall that angry that that I sat in
the Computer Center at Mobil Oil E & P in Dallas and heard the
conservatives, rejoice that we had a man that could act like a
president. that just finished lying to the whole of the United States
when he said that there was no racism when he was a boy. Yes you
remember him as the great communicator, yes the one that said just say
no to drugs, while he OK ed the swapping of arms for drugs hostages or
whatever the hell it was. Then he threw his fetch it boy to the wolves
and all at once he was senile suffering from Alzheimer’s but still was
able to run the country and tell Gorbachev to tear down this wall. Now
every Republican wants to be Ronald Reagan the guy that ran the country
in a ditch and called it on course.

Shortly after that we got
another idiot, George Bush Sr and he ran us deeper in the hole, till
the American public kicked him to the curb. Finally we got Bill &
Hillary Clinton and the country got it’s swagger back, we were no
longer a third world nation. We held our head high, while Bill held
Monica’s head down on his third leg. But who the hell cares about, the
leader of the free world getting a blow job, hell should have had a
line outside his door ready to give him a blow job around the clock.
The man brought the country back, all the while the Evil Empire (GOP)
was doing everything on the face of the earth to distract him and make
his efforts a failure. Even went as far as to call for his impeachment
cause they didn’t want the country to come outta that damn ditch that
Reagan and Bush Sr had drove us into. We were trillions of dollars in
debt and saw no way of getting out until. the man that love to get his
dick sucked pulled us up off our knees and we were able to straighten
our backs ans stand tall as America once again.

So now we have a
chance to clean this Bullshit up that the Republicans have piled up
again, and I say anything but a Republican and if you have any blue
blood in your veins you will say the same. It is one thing we know for sure we will not be divided by Red States and Blue States, but we will come together all races, creeds, and colors and back Old Glory, for we are American and we get things done.


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