By The Grace of God

April 25, 2008 By The Grace of God We are Spared

family has been spare such sorrow that I do not even want to imagine.
My Cuz Carl Davis, Mr TXU, now Mr OnCor ‘s life was spare during one of
God great gifts to mankind a doctor. You know we have to be thankful
sometime when we receive blessings that come thru in the darkest hour.
For the last 8 years I have watched a man that loved his job, give
everything he had for the betterment of greater Dallas. I say the last
8 years because I was too busy doing my company thing to notice what he
was doing in this city. Oh, I knew he work for TXU since he was 17
years old, and had never missed a days work for years, until at the age
of 50 he had to have hip surgery. Damn can you imagine 43 years not
missing a day and giving up weeks of vacation time, all because you
loved what you did so much, because every day you could see how you
were impacting, the city, lives, and our overall enjoyment. sometimes
he said he would ride thru the city at night and marvel at what had
transpired over his career.

Do you love to walk in your house
and flip on the lights and know that your favorite recliner is just
there waiting for you, well you can thank Cuz Carl and his crew, and
oh, how beautiful those green lights on the building are and the Dallas
skyline man it is magnificent hu..well Carl is the guy that is over the
crews that make sure your light come back on when there is a outage,
those same crews risk their lives to wire our magnificent American
Airlines Center, and yes that magnificent ball that glows there in our
skyline. man if I could have given just one strong heart beat on April
35 from 7:30 – 12:30 I would passed it on to him, but it was not to be
it was all in the hand of the man upstairs and a great heart team at
Doctor’s Hospital, and I might also say a very loving staff on the 4Th
floor N.

Yes I want to honor My Cuz, ,he is not only a great
employee, he is a great friend and brother. I love him dearly, so when
the word got to me that he was going into the hospital, I was happy,
scurd of what I was gonna hear but happy. Because being a heart
patient, I saw things that a lot of folks did not recognize as very
dangerous signs. I saw Cuz slowly began to shuffle when he use to have
that spring in his step and it was not from the hip surgery, shortness
of breath, I saw perspiration when there was not a need for
perspiration, but it did not open my eyes wide enuff,nor his..I just
said, that Carl he sure runs a high temp, and he always loves the
colder weather. The heart was pumping slower and slower. The family all
knew that he was not well, but we all mumbles together because he would
only listen a while and then he had enuff talk about Doctors and
illness, ans his answer was I will go to the doctor when I get ready
too. We love so hard we almost lost him too, because none of use would
continue the argument, just go to the next time and start again.

came in and said, well Mr Davis a very sick man, his heart is very very
weak, he might even be a good candidate for a heart transplant, he has
had HBP for years and it has gone untreated and it has severely damaged
his heart. Before we look at heart transplant we have one more thing
that possibly will give him 50% of his life back, if the muscles of the
heart are strong enuff and they respond, his heart could began a long
road back to recovery. After all was discussed Mr Davis asked the
Doctors, after this operation will I still be able to work around
electricity? Hahha, damn what a guy, even on his bed with his chips
laying on the table, he had made up his mind that he was gonna make it
thru the surgery, and the most important thing was the welfare of the
greater city of Dallas, now that is loving what you do America.

recall all those years without missing a day, well something was
happening during all those unmissed days, HBP the silent killer was on
it’s job, while Carl was making sure the lights came on.

Sometimes we would be sitting in the den watching a game when his phone
would ring, and crews were being dispatched all over the city to take
care of outages, yes my lights and his were out for several days, some
were out for weeks, but the crews worked around the clock to get things
back on track. Sometimes member of those crews lost limbs, we never
knew, all we wanted to do was turn on the TV, fire up the computer, and
those guys made it happen. O I am not calling out for loyalty, all
companies have their faults, but inside all company’s are real men and
women that make things happen, in an error-less environment. That is
where the stress and the HBP combines and body parts rob other body
parts, so I am just calling out to working Americans.. You
have Insurance that you pay good money for, get a good family
practitioner and have your body checked out just like that automobile
needs upkeep, the old body does too. Take care of yourselves will never know how many somebodies needs you to make sure
that things go right in this society.


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Just an everyday guy trying to make it on a stack of dimes in a hostile environment called America.
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