A Change Is Coming

September 07, 2008 Awww Indian Summer Is Nearing

the temperature slowly returns to a comfortable level, all animals of
the earth began their preparations for the changing of the seasons. We
know one thing for sure that a change in in the making. That is what we
are hoping will be happening in America in the next 2 and half months
because the Presidential Elections is upon us and the media has started
it pull back of the Obama Media Show and are turning their sights and
hopefully the eyes of all Americans on the MCcain Palinn Ticket for
President. So goes things in My American Nightmare.

I have been
very upset lately by the foolishness of the American People and the out
right attempt of the American news media to brainwash our citizens.
Seeming the word has to be put out there, just like in the days of Paul
Revere, "The Obamas Are Coming, The Obamas Are Coming" Vote Race,
Hatred, Ignorance, Fear, Do anything but let this N in the White
House." Is this the America you will represent to the world, well smile
America, " You Are On Candid Camera".

Gov. Palin is not
qualified to be the Vice President of the United States, this is a
serious job,,,this is not going to the store to pick up groceries or
trying to get money for your state to build bridges to nowhere or
taking care of a family. This is 60 seconds from being the President of
the United States of America in the next 3 months, no time to cram for
this exam.

Sure Governor Palin is good at getting money
for Alaskan Projects and she is one of the reasons that the deficit is
skyrocketing right now. First it’s spend, spend ,spend then the the GOP
has to tax, tax, tax, then the Republicans try to blame it on the
Democrats….This is the way the GOP operates and have operated
throughout my lifetime. Now they want to distance themselves from their
leader, their fall guy, the one they led to slaughter. the one
they call Mr President. Now they had no part of the train wreck, I am
not a piece of the party, I am a Maverick. How the hell is that so,
when McClain voted 95% of the time with President Bush as he led the
country on a path of destruction and toward 3rd world status.

this know nothing, blow hard, stands before us, smiling her stank mouth
saying all the things that the hate monger want to hear, while she
knows she does not know her ass from a hole in the ground. She makes a
lack luster speech and all at once she can walk on water, the angles
come down from heaven and guide her thoughts, she is the second coming
and the future of all that is to come. All at once this woman makes one
speech and she is qualified to run the free world. I was not
particularly impressed with her speech or with her, but I was looking
for meat and potatoes of what the Republican platform was gonna be and
all we got was more of the same old Republican BS. Mud slinging,
mudslinging and more mudslinging.

This country is crammed full
of idiots and for once John McCain showed his true colors with this
selection. This is utter foolishness…what happened to the woman that
has kept the U S tied together for her stupid Boss ,George W Bush, for
the last 8 years, you mean Condelessa Rice was not qualified to run
this great nation in case this old fossil falls over dead, which is a
great possibility.

Or even God forbid, Kay Bailey Hutchinson, damn
there were many more qualified Republican women that would be ready to
take over the job, but not this damn moose hunter.

These are
not the days of Roosevelt, these are the days of Ben laden, Pakistani
resistance, Iranian uprisings, and even Russia is heating up again,
damn the cold war they are killing their neighbors again, doing a
little ethnic cleansing of their own and saying to hell with America,
then there is the Bush Economic Crisis at home which has poor Americans
paying $4.00 a gallon for gas and not getting proper medical care, like
Governor Palin said in her acceptance speech, we do not have time for
on the job training, nor do we have time for old men that tell jokes
and make foolish decisions.


About TMoore0917

Just an everyday guy trying to make it on a stack of dimes in a hostile environment called America.
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