Tom Cat’s Life & Thoughts on June 27, 2007

Entry for June 27, 2007

I was a small country boy trying to see where all the cars came and
went, now suddenly I am a middle aged Black Male, retired and trying to
enjoy the best of my glory years. I cannot say that life has not been
good for me because I have done just about everything I set out to do.
Maybe if I had dreamed bigger, great things would have been
accomplished. But, really about the only things I miss are my old
running buddies that have gone on before me. One of the first group to
go was the 2 Terry’s , Terry Joe Ross and Terry Franklin both killed during our
senior year in a car crash while racing. Then there were guys that had
your back in even the most dire situations, guys like William Calip, a
guy you could stand back to back with against the elements if
necessary. Also guys that you could celebrate the victories of life
with like Eazy (Willie Stafford) and Enzie Daniels. The most mysterious
of them all was my buddy Stu (James Osborne) man we were close. We were
together every evening before we went to battle in a football or
basketball game, we pull our dirt together, we were boys, now he is

A few fellows of the dog pound are gone now and we have
only memories of them, but there are still others. Yes, I have good
friends among the living too my brothers Oscar Brazier and Jackie
Franklin are still very dear to my heart. And Larry Miner the young man
that my Mom baby sit till he was nine, so we became close as thieves.
Oh, we still enjoy life on a conservative level, we are older men now.
Then there is my ace buddy Big E, Eluster Alford, we are as close as
any two brother can be. My two running buddies Big Beef (Bobby
Franklin) and Big Jell ( Chris Franklin), we are the band of brothers.
Then there is Bill Cope, an unlikely friend, a 70 year old white guy,
but I would not trade his friendship for anything in the world. Now you
come to the 3 Amigos Ly Trong, Pete Gomez, and myself what a crew. We
could easily be representatives for the United nations, a Vietnamese, a
Mexican, and an African American. Yup this is my circle of influence
and it is very varied, some of us are trained killers, others are
chemical engineers, teachers, electrical engineers, IT Professionals,
Pilot, managers, and mail men, you name it and we are it. Our eyes are
dim and our hair is a little gray, but a big smile still comes across
our faces when we see each other because at that moment we remember
days of unspoken glory and conquest only the conquistadors revel in.

I heard about the golden years , middle age where all your worries are
gone, the kid are on their own and you have lots of time to do what
ever the hell you please. You know the years where you reap all the
rewards of your hard labor remember, well where the hell is mine!!!!! I
did all the things the good masta told me too, I graduated in the top 5
of my class, went off to business school and learned a trade (as so
soundly spoke of), then was off to the University to get the rest of my
higher education…but all at once I began to hear "you are over
qualified", "you will not stay here long" etc… just anything to keep
me outta that big office reserved for the Masta’s nephew. It is enough
to drive any civil minded Black man crazy. And you wonder why there is
so much violence in the neighborhood. Hell the cry is "somebody get in
here bring me the lil sumthing sumthing that I am suppose to get and I
mean in a hurry, B4 I act a damn fool up in here!!!. You know he is
crazy cause he don’t know who to kill so he kills his own brothers and
sister. Just raising havoc on the streets of America.

You know
our objective was to be the foot soldiers of the 60’s and make America
live up to her Creed, be the leader in all things. Now here we are in
the 21st century still having discussions we were having in the 19Th
& 20Th century. What is this thing that makes us want to fulfill
out selfish wants at the cost of all else on this planet. The battle
cry was go to school, get a good education, make something of yourself,
change the world, make it a better place. Along came the semi fight for
racial equality, flower power, hippie’s and the drug revolution and we
got high and phased out. Then in 1967  Rap Brown and Stockley Carmichael along with The Black Panthers hit the scene talking bout Black Power and Self Determination, all at once the national policy became lock them up, shot them up and blow up everyone that did not follow the
master plan

Oh I did all the right things went to school,
worked hard, avoided having children in every corner of the world…and
guess what I was suppose to do. have children!!!! As many as I could
afford, in as many townships, villages, islands, and city as I could
visit and plant seed, for I was the future of the family tree. Have I
gotten too old to do my duties that were set forth by my fore parents
so many years ago. Only life and time will tell and I am running outta
both of those.

I know I sound cynical, but if we are looking for
success as a nation this is a poor example of it. Now I am really gonna
step off into the pig sty of life and talk politics, OK let’s just
chalk up George’s past 2 terms, call them whatever you like, but do not
waste too much energy on them. We have a major crisis on our hands
right now and it is time out for the dumb %#^* if you know what I mean.
The budget is wacko again we are running enormous deficits and we have
an escalating war that we have no plan of getting out of. We have a few
folks running for the presidency that would not even make good snail
catchers, other I just do not know why they even waste America’s time.
But We have a woman this year that is capable of running the show in
Hillary Clinton, oh let Bill go get a fix once a week, it keeps his
mind sharp, who cares, just leave the White Water and other dreamed up
BS out of the mix and maybe we can get a few things accomplished this
time out. America it is time for a change …Let’s Change It!!!!!

me talk a bit on Mr Obama, he is a capable politician, but it will be a
cold day in hell when White America will let a man that even looks an
inkling like a black man become president. Oh yes, it is a delightful
thought, but you just wait till he has completed his usefulness; and that is dividing the black vote.
Those sheets are gonna come outta the closet so fast it is gonna look
like a flock of sea seagulls heading south for the winter.

motto is be a good example, clear a wide path for the next generations
that follow, such that when they follow you, they will be following
steps you are proud of. Make sure they are deeply embedded too, because
this next generation definitely is not dominated with rocket scientist.
However they are what we have rote upon this earth so be mindful of the
things you do and say, for you never know who might be watching and
aspiring to be you.


About TMoore0917

Just an everyday guy trying to make it on a stack of dimes in a hostile environment called America.
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