The Grim Reaper Cometh Again

2/16/2008 Been A Month & A Half Still Hanging Tuff

I must thank the man above for showing my family favor, during the last
2 months. Twice we have been hit with illness that had us staring at
cancer as a possible bed partner and have shoot that hater off in my
household. Now our energies goes out to my Bro In Law who is facing the
same menace head on, we are a family of winners thus we meet everything
head on and look for the sunshine on the other side. This is the way it
is and always will be, for we know that it is not our will but his
will, so we stand strong.

You know for many years we didn’t look
at the face of mortality as something that was with us on a daily
basis, but now as we enter into our years of relaxation which we love
and have worked do hard for. The Grim Reaper stand in the dark with his
cycle waiting for some chafe to cut down. So my friend you better stand
strong on that patch of ground that your feet are on, take a deep
breath and thank God that you have been shown favor, the favor to see
the dawning of another day.

One that we loved dearly, Ed Clemons
of Annapolis Md, has gone on, his life was a great one filled with so
much that the State of Maryland lowered the flag to half mask for him
for his home-going. I do not know all that he was involved with but you
can bet I will be giving him his due. You see the man did quietly and
did not boast nor brag as he blazed trails for those that came after
him. I will have to do the research and fill you in. The only thing I
hate he didn’t get to see was the finish of the Election this year, i
would love to have a conversation with him about this grand moment in
American History. He succumbed to Lue Gerick Disease earlier this month.

the month of Feb is moving fast and I missed my first plan of The New
Year, but it was all necessary. Family comes before enjoyment and the
Island will be there long after I and most of this material world that
I know is gone. Now I have to take a serious look at what the remainder
of the 1 quarter will bring. Has not been very friendly thus far, but
the force is with me so i will continue to look forward to bigger
things and greater days ahead.


About TMoore0917

Just an everyday guy trying to make it on a stack of dimes in a hostile environment called America.
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