March 2008 Is America Living Up To Her Creed

Is America Living Up To Her Creed or Am I Dreaming

Posted February 24th, 2008 at 05:19am

anyone been surprised at the reception that Barack Obama has received
across America. That "Sleeping Giant" that we knew was out there has
finally awaken and they are pushing America toward a collision with
destiny. I had already said, "before a Black Man is voted into the
Presidency of the United States, New York City would be as flat as a
pancake, and there will be nothing let of the categories called races
in this country except that generation that has been born from the
mixture of the great melting pot. But we all know that a political
upheaval is underway in the United States of America. As early as
November of 2006 a concious decision was made to destroy Hillary’s
chance of being Presidentin 2008. This was well documented including
the websitght by a Dallas publisher.

2006-11-30 Activist looks to 08, revives stop Hillary panel, Web site

Anticipating a 2008 presidential run by Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton,
Dallas publisher Richard H. Collins has revived a "stop Hillary"
political committee launched last year in New York.

is exactly the kind of negative and inaccurate claims that were made
against Hillary throughout the Senate race," Lewis said. "The people of
New York heard them firsthand and rejected them pretty decisively. "

the new Web site conceived by Collins, a friend of Finkelstein, is
already at work trying to portray Clinton as a proponent of a "radical
left-wing agenda" of "national
health insurance,
sky-high taxes and giving felons the right to vote. Young voters are
turning the tide on the GOP’s plot to destroy Senator Clintons run for
the highest office in the land. The Idea of the GOP Conservatives was
to destroy her or to cross over and vote for Barack Obama in the
Democratic Presidential race, ensuring him a victory over Hillary
Rotham Clinton and sealing his fate when he came up against McCain in
the General Election. Conservatives thought still feel that White
America, especially Moderate Democrates will cross over and vote for
the white Republican vandidate rather than put an African American in
the White House. You see these utra Conservative Christians again call
on their racist central being in their darkest hour. Yes the GOP has
set out to sabatoge the electorate, but they have started a movement in
America, that will easily turn into anarchy if this election is
tampered with.

A Gallup Poll tested Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N. Y. ) in a
Democratic primary field and Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice in a
Republican match-up.

person that totally dropped off the radar was the very brilliant
Condoleezza Rice, many missed the intentional sabatage of her efforts
during the last six months of 2007 and into the early months of 2008.
For it was Condoleezza Rice that was mentioned in the same sentence as
President before all blame begant to be shifted to her for the many
failures of Bush’s foreign policies.

Rice abandons talks, shuttles back to the United States.

of State Condoleezza Rice was forced to cancel a trip to Beirut Sunday
after an Israeli airstrike killed more than 50 people, mostly women and
children, in the southern Lebanese town of Qana in the bloodiest attack
since the hostilities began between Israel and Lebanon’s Hezbollah
militia. But she did not call for an immediate ceasefire. Rice will abandon her Middle East negotiations at least temporarily to return to Washington Monday

Condoleezza Rice (born November 14, 1954) is the 66th United States Secretary of State, and the second in the administration of President George W. Bush to hold the office. Rice is the first black woman, second African American (after Colin Powell, who served before her from 2001 to 2005), and second woman (after Madeleine Albright who served from 1997 to 2001) to serve as Secretary of State. Rice was President Bush’s National Security Advisor during his first term, but before joining the Bush administration, she was a Professor of political science at Stanford University where she served as Provost from 1993 to 1999. During the administration of George H.W. Bush, Rice also served as the Soviet and East European Affairs Advisor during the dissolution of the Soviet Union and German reunification.

When beginning as Secretary of State, Rice pioneered a policy of Transformational Diplomacy,
with a focus on democracy in the greater Middle East. Her emphasis on
supporting democratically elected governments faced challenges as Hamas
captured a popular majority in Palestine yet supported Islamist terror,
and influential countries including Saudi Arabia and Egypt maintained
authoritarian systems with U.S. support. She chairs the Millennium Challenge Corporation‘s board of directors.[1]

In addition to English, she speaks, with varying degrees of fluency, Russian, German, French, and Spanish.[2]

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Govenor of Texas, George’s claim to fame was executions, sometimes
there were two executions a month. George W. Bush is a strong supporter
of capital punishment. During his tenure as Governor of Texas 152
people were executed in that state, maintaining its record as the
leading state in executions
. When a convited criminal
asked the governor for a stay of execution or clemancy, it fell on
death ears. George’s idea was you need to make peace with your maker.
As President of the United States he has continued in his support for
capital punishment, including presiding over the first federal
execution in decades, that of convicted terrorist Timothy McVeigh
. The
majority of the Hispanic population has finally gotten their fill of
the coneiveing Republican, bait and switch Conservative revolution.
During his run for the Presidency Geroge Bush Jr made a lot of promises
to our neighbor to the south, especially after the NAFTA treaty was
promoted as the great savior of the Mexican economy.

of the 300,000-plus protesters marched against the increasing price of
corn, pesticides, and fertilizer. Some marched against the secretary of
agriculture. Some marched to get a free lunch. There were marchers
against genetically modified organisms (GMO). But at the
other end of the march was a contingent of tractors, which had
traversed the country to make a dramatic procession down the Avenida
Reforma, that sported pro-GMO stickers sponsored by Monsanto. AP

By exporting jobs across the border it was going to strenghten the economy of Mexico, thus elininate the need for those dreaded illegals
to come over here across the Rio Grande. This was the dream of the
Conservative Christian Right. GW even let them know that they were his
beloved brown family by intoducing his nephews of mixed heritage during
his campaign speech in their native language. He spoke their language,
felt their pain and then after he got their vote he again began his
concentration on his main objective in life killing by whatever means
was legal.
In the last hour he was called to the
mat on his failed Imigration policy and his lack of compasion for his
brown relatives by marriage. Bush proposed an immigration bill that
would have greatly expanded the use of guest worker visas. His proposal
would match employers with foreign workers for a period up to six
years; however, workers would not be eligible for permanent residency
("green cards") or citizenship. The bill is opposed by some Democratic
Senators, including Barbara Boxer and Edward M. Kennedy. The Bill has
not and willnot make it off the floor, but one thing did happen the
Latinos, let him know they were disatisfied with the hate mongering of
the Republican Party leaders around the state of Teaxas and cakked for
not spend days and marched to the city government all over the country.
The US saw the might of the little Brown ones at last. The Mexican
population was total feed upand ready to disrupt the comerce of the

Bush has also publicly stated he would
like to tighten security at the U.S.-Mexico border, which includes
speeding up the deportation process, building more jail cells to hold
illegal immigrants, and installing more equipment and immigration
officers at the border. He does agree with "increasing the number of
annual green cards that can lead to citizenship" but does not support
giving amnesty to those who are already in the country illegally,
ceding that it would only serve as incentive for increased illegal
immigration. [37]

As hate mungers and conservatives unite
against the unwanted Latinos, be they legal or illegal, they will be
profiled and companies will be impacted, but the good thing is finally
the Conservatives have gone too far. It is time to go. It is pretty
obvicoius that the Latina Protest Marches, Sick Outs, and economic
boycotts have not made much of an impact on the racist Conservatives
that want to build a tartilla curtain, much like the Great Wall of
China. The Conservatives saving grace is, well we will not be fenching
the border up to keep people in like those communist countries. This is
the most rediculous bit of discrimination I have ever seen. It is not
enough to have an outdated blockade around Cuba over 50 years, we are
ready to go back to the dark agesd and put up a fench to keep the
Mexicans out.

You have to take a serious look at America, it’s
allies, and the places it does business with. You will find that it
does business with those that are as white or those that exploit like
the white devil. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a hater, I am a realist.
If you kick me in my %#&@$! on a daily basis, I am either gonna
make my ass less accessable or I am gonna cut your foot off. The rest
they exploit for their selfish gain, this is one of the things that
hase to be corrected to end the all out hatred of our country by so
manuy nations. It is our missles and superior war machine that keep our
friend close to us, but as soon as they get the bomb they will say KISS
MT ASS AMERICA, louder than they say it while we are helping them.

Latinas were forgotten as Bush got bogged down in his so called chase
for Osama Bin Lauden. When he did not catch him as quickly as he though
he would, or as fast as his computerized war games had predicted, he
turned his venom on the one man that had cost his father the election,
Sadam Huessin. A country he knew the US could go and kick their
%#&@$! any day of the week, but he got too arragant and just
decided to park our troops in harms way, instead of going in there and
just blowing the damn place away. Hell you already %#&@$!ed up,
%#&@$! up on a grand scale, dont start this Vietnam bull%#&@$!.

Soon George reverted back to his habit of
killing that which was easy to get too. As a matter of fact he was the
first President to put a hit on the leader of another country,
decalring he wanted him dead or alive. But when he made his speeches he
always said he wanted him killed and put out a deck of cards that were
flashed on American TV as those that were gonna die if they did not
give up immediately.All were killed except Heussin. He was captured,
put in an American jail, then deported and sent back to his death.
Normally US would have given someone in his situation assylun, knowing
he would be killed without getting a fair trial.. Really the guy
deserved to be killed , He went upwind and let loose mustard gas on an
entire village of people. Killing everything that moved, men, women,
children, dogs, anyting that had a heart. They think the same thing
abgout the US we dropped bombs on them and killed asll that was within
range, and said I am sorry we killed the srong folks but this is war.

Summary of G W Bush’s Career and Ledislation

Capital punishment

As President of the United States he has continued in his support for
capital punishment, including presiding over the first federal
execution in decades, that of convicted terrorist Timothy McVeigh

George Walker Bush (born July 6, 1946) is the 43rd and current President of the United States since 2001.

1995 to 2000, Bush served as Governor of the State of Texas. A lifelong
member of the Republican Party, Bush was a businessman before entering
politics. He helped found the failed Arbusto Energy and later became a
managing partner in the Texas Rangers baseball team. Bush was elected
the 46th Governor of Texas in 1994 and was re-elected in 1998. He won
the Republican nomination in the 2000 presidential election and was
elected President amid much controversy. He was reelected in the 2004
presidential election.

Bush started his political career
assisting his father’s 1964 and 1970 campaigns for the U.S Senate
neither of which were successful. After a United States National Guard
transfer in 1972, he served as political director for an Alabama senate
campaign. In 1978, Bush ran for the U.S. House of Representatives but
lost to a State Senator, Democrat Kent Hance (now Republican). Ronald
Reagan endorsed Bush’s opponent in the Republican primary.

1994, Bush ran for Governor of Texas against the popular incumbent,
Democrat Ann Richards. On November 8, 1994, he defeated Richards by a
margin of 53% to 46%. That same year, he and his partners sold the
Texas Rangers, with Bush realizing a profit of more than $14 million.
As Governor, Bush forged a legislative alliance with powerful Lt.
Governor Bob Bullock, a longtime Democrat. In 1998 Bush went on to win
re-election in a landslide victory with nearly 69% of the vote,
becoming the first Texas governor to be elected for two consecutive
four-year terms (before 1975, the gubernatorial term of office was two
years). [19] During Bush’s governorship, he undertook significant
legislative changes in criminal justice, tort law, and school
financing. Bush took a hard line on capital punishment and received
much criticism from advocates who wanted to abolish the death penalty
and also those who argued that there were tangible imperfections in the
Texas legal system that required a more cautious approach to carrying
out the death penalty. Under Bush, Texas’s incarceration rate was 1014
inmates per 100,000 in 1999, the second-highest in the nation, owing
mainly to lengthy sentences for drug offences. In September 1999, Bush
signed the Advance Directives Act which allows a health care facility
to discontinue life-sustaining treatment against the wishes of the
patient ten days after giving notice. Bush’s transformative agenda and
family pedigree now provided an opportunity to advance his political
career to the national level.

thing is the African American and Latino American after being pitted
against one another for years seem to have come together for a change,
and they are voting with purpose and are not afraid to lay down their
lives like the determined protester in China did. Yes, that one act
changed America’s view of the Chinese people. A Chinese man stands
alone to block a line of tanks heading east on Beijing’s Cangan Blvd.
in Tiananmen Square on June 5, 1989


goes deeper and is closter to home, to each African American that
remember Colored and White areas, Separate But Equal, anf the Poll Tax
that ended after 1965 in the state of Texas. You see segregatioh is not
that far in our past, for even as late as 1973 the Auction Barn in
Henderson Texas still had it’s Colored Dining Area and it was
operational. That really sounds far fetched doesn’t it, until you think
about Jasper, Texas and a African American man bveing drug behind a
pickup truck for miles until his head separated from his body. You
recall it, he was mutilated so severly that his body wasnot even
recognizable as human and his body had to be collected for miles down
back roads. There was another thing that happed due to this great
history making Presidential Race, in Nevada a new white only party the
"White Peoples’s Party" sprang up in Las Vegas in late July of 2007. So
you can see that this vein of bad blood that sorews hatred is not only
alive and well it is growing. There are many cases that the SPLC has
investigated and exposed. The Souther Poverty Law Center is located in
Montgomery, Alabama and it’s purpose is to not only publish the
fantastic SPLC Report, ( * but Monitoring Hate * Teaching Tolerance * Seeking Justice.

thing that we must be aware of is the looming super delegates that can
turn this thing on it’s head. Everyone is still resting at a tense at
ease at the moment, waiting for the next brick to fall. When the
Clinton motorcade left Dallas for the Ft Worth rally, one of DPD’s
finest had a freak accident and slammed into the concrete from his
motorcycle and met an untimely death. Senator Clinton, saw him fall and
requeste that they stop, but was infored that th motorcade must
continue since it would be nore detrimental for them to stay in the
area since it would clog uyp the area and emerbency vechicles ciuld not
easily get to the scene. Do you know that hte Dallmedia tried to make
this a plot on Mrs Clinton’s part ot
get more votes. This is the type people we have in the news media, they
are so mean spirited. something definitely need to be done about how
our local news media slants the message on a daily basis.

one big jump forward, while I was not watching, has Dr Kings ideals
change our inner most being to this American that can accept the
changes that are necessary for America to live up to her Creed. Oh,
Lord please do not awaken us from this feeling of change, unity and
accomplishment and let it become the nightmare of all nightmares. We
all know that there is still an undecurrent of bad blood in this
country. There is probably not an American breathing that has not
thought of the terrible things that we had routh on each other in the
past in the name of Conservatism, Racism, and in some cases just right
winged terrorism. According to documentation by the Southern Poverty
Law Center there were almost 60 right-wing terrorist plots uncovered in
the United States since the 1995 bombing in Oklahoma City.


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