Looking Back At 2007’s Wrath

Entry for December 31, 2007  Thank God 2007 Bout To Be History

one thing good about it is it is about gone!!! And we are still here.
2007 was a tough year it hit my Dawg Pound pretty hard, taking out 4 of
us and leaving 4 more limping, also I lost my dear niece, Natlie Dyson,
of Inglewood California. What a nice young lady she had become, married and withus hoping for a beautiful fulfilled life for her and her husband. 

What beautiful spirit she had through and through, but we had her for 40 years and she brought
happiness and smiles to our lives whenever we talked or saw her face.
I only had 30 of those years to remember but they were some of the most beautiful moments an Uncle could have with his niece.  I loved you dearly as a niece and as a person, Lord I will miss the way my heart sang when I look into your loving face.  Lord I must say we are thankful that you let us enjoy the wonderful times we all had together.

For the guys of the Dawg Pound, Willie "The
Stepper", "Eazy" Stafford , my dear friend of many years, we had many laughs together and grew up pushing the limits.  We were thick as thieves and I will always remember your epitome of "No Fear, full speed ahead, put the petal to the metal lifestyle".  It was you that let me know that the life of a biker was not for me.  It was during one of our bottle rocket tours that i prayed to God to spare my life and i would never be caught on a motorcycle again, and I have kept that promise for 37 years. 

Man we enjoyed our days together and even though we went our separate ways, you were a Brother to me and I appreciate the times we spent together, it was an Eazy Life, a life anyone would dream of.  May you continue to spread laughter in the other life and avoid the suffering you went thru in the later days of life. My Brother my heart was always there with you.

To James
"Stu" Osborne, man you know how tight we were, you bought me my first Chicken Fried Steak when I didn’t have a dime in my pocket you made sure I stood on the same footing as you did, if you had I had, and when the tables were turned and I was the one that was suppose to stand and have your back I was there.  Gone are the days when we played marbles in the sand and ate watery hot dogs at Grants Barber shop, gone are the days of being gridiron heros, and seeing that sly smile on your face after you caught the touchdown pass, gone are the days when I walked out into the company plaza and found my dear friend standing puzzled about the wickedness of life.  Man it was not suppose to be like this, we were suppose to get old and laugh about our conquest, but the book of life stated differently.  Wow, I never would have thought that our last meeting would be the final days I saw my childhood friend and cuz while the sun shown warmly upon our faces.  May the demons that troubled your soul leave you forever and let you Rest In Peace my Brother.

Iry Lee the youngster of the crew your life was taken before
you even got to feel the old age creep into your bones, but you lived a
good life and was a good man.  Damn if the grim reaper did not come and steal you away while I was busy trying to sustain a place at the table of plenty.  I never knew how much impact a life in the company store would steal so much of real life away.  Wow we never even got to talk after you became a man, I hope you enjoyed the days of freedom we spent in our younger years, Rest in Peace my Brother.

Also, 2007 took out one of the late comers
to the pound , Donnie Carson.  a great father, friend, and coworker that will be
truly missed, by us in the Pound, and by your homies in Little Rock. Wow, just to think back at the days after GW stole the election and the ensuing conversation Ly Troung, Donnie, and I talked animatedly about the election of George
W.  Bush and the immediate impact it was gonna have and the majority decision to move our money into more secure investment because another fool was steering the ship that controlled our retirement dreams.  Damn my friend, I hope you enjoyed those few months of retirement.  So I say to all that have close friends or associates do not fall prey to the news of your love ones and friends demise, stayed in contact with each other for tomorrow is not promised. As my friend Ly always says life is empty without good friends to enjoy it with.

good riddance 2007 bring me 2008 and a fresh new 365 days to enjoy and spend as
I see fit.

Now we are down to the last 5 hours of the year and
none of us know whether we will make it but we trug on with beautiful
thoughts in mind for the New Year. We have made promises that we have
not fulfilled and plans that we have not made reality, and we only
pray that we have enough life left to make them a reality in 2008.

am not much for New Year’s Resolutions but this year I am making just
one. I know one thing for sure ,I am gonna do those things that are
gonna make me happy in 2008 and you can take that to the bank. I have
had enough sad times to last a life time.


About TMoore0917

Just an everyday guy trying to make it on a stack of dimes in a hostile environment called America.
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