I Am All About Capitol Punishment ~~RED ALERT~~

Written Jan 8th, 2008 

have you ever woke up in the morning and the first thing that hits you
is some Bullshit. Well, that is exactly how my day started off. I
decided to stay home last night after being at the hospital with my
wife for several night and get some rest and take care of my own
things. I was tired and got outta the car, which I seldom drive, and
left the radar detector on the dash, and did not set the alarm. I have
gotten spoiled rolling in my SUV, doors auto lock,and jamming hard as
look around. Well this particular automobile has an after market alarm
on it, you know the one with all the bells and whistles, turn your car
on warm it up all that kind of stuff. Yes it is for the lady of the
house. Outta all the times for this to happen, it happens when I have
let my guards down and start to come outta the kill the motherfucker
now mode, but NIGGAS ( that include fools of all nationalities) do not
believe there is death only seconds away for the dumb shit they pull.
Cause I am all about killing thieves, It is open season on thieves for
me all the time and I do not like to waste bullets. I am gonna shoot to
kill, so FOOLS when you come my way take the car cause I am gonna kill
you anyway. At least give the folks something to talk about except me
killing you for a piece of bubble gum, because oh yeah if you steal my
gum outta my car, destroying my property and I draw a bead on you, you
will die. I come from a lone line of hunter and it has been a while
since I had the satisfaction of killing something. So like my man says
MAKE MY DAY. I have already alerted the Dallas Police Department again
that I do not mind going to prison for what I believe in, and that is
the right to live at peace by protecting what is mine.

getting a hot shower and getting into my sleep ware I settled in to
write a few comments to Blogs that I had listened to on TV during my
down time after the Mrs surgery, so I was up till around 3:30 am. All
was well because I set where I can see the driveway from my desk. And
yes I had become lax on the guarding of my borders lately since it had
been over a year since I had donated to the local thieves that work our
alley on occasion. Got the call around 9:00 am telling me my window was
broken from my lovely neighbor, you see most of the folks in the hood
are retired elderly widows or couples in their late 40’s. Not many kids
travel my alley, this is an organized working group of thieves that
rotate working alleys since I live here for the last 30 years.

really did not get really upset, you see I stay at a level of upsetness
that is boiling just below the surface at all times, that I constantly
have to control, so it was no different, than this $600.00 turnaround
in my household expenses. This level of madness is known as the demons
within. So, yes you will die and you can determine what your life is
worth. If you are a thief I do not think it is worth a pluck nickle.

I must be slipping. The other night as I sat writing blags solving the
world’s problems ans trying to expose all the other crap that I can
dream of, I saw several young men walking up my alley dressed in black.
There was a party going on next door, so at first i did not take it
seriously, but continued watching, then there were several more 3
turned in behind my SUV and I immediately went to code Orange, got my
gun walked to the back door and peeped out, there were 9 youngster, 3
at each of my auto peering into the windows. I eased to the garage door
rolled out and drew down on them, on 1 knee yelling this is not a game
it is your life, wrong house wrong day, time to die,……one backed up
in shock into the front of my wife’s car and froze, the others ran
yelling "Run he got a gun, he is gonna shoot, please don’t shoot us".
Now just a few minutes earlier these guys ranging from the age of 16 to
about 18 were raiding auto in my neighborhood and as you know my plan
has been to kill on sight, thieves because they have no place in our

But this was a young punk kid, out with his punk ass
friends stealing. I told him this is your last warning, I have already
spoken to the police, my duty is to fill body bags for the morgue. Next
time you will be in one m=now go tell your punk ass buddies to stay out
of my hood cause I roll around looking all hours night and day. Play in
here you play with your life. My wife has soften me, but then again
this kid might never do anything like this again, or he could have come
back with a gun or a brick and gotten himself killed. So I am back on
guard duty. The police were out front, my neighbors had called them
since they saw everything. When I returned inside the house my I was
complimented for my restraint, and by the way, all of them were women.
Hope my new neighbors do not get the wrong impression, the ones having
the party. That party was for age 25 and up by invitation only and I
was not invited. I would not have gone if I had been invited anyway.
They had a great party, just hope those punks did not get anything from
their auto and i let them go without ti=urning them over to the cops.

Malone-Moores Always Took Care of Their Own Shit "Beware Of Smith &
Western". Maybe I should put my sign up like my country cousins. Back
in the day we did not have many friends and the County Sheriff and
Constable definitely were not in our corner.

My Shift Never Ends, I am like CSI Miami on this shit… Game Over


About TMoore0917

Just an everyday guy trying to make it on a stack of dimes in a hostile environment called America.
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