GOP works to Elect Democrat Obama

February 20, 2008 GOP works to Elect Democrat Obama

February 20, 2008 GOP works to Elect Democrat Obama

this is not the most racist thing I have been party to in my lifetime
and it is a countrywide conspiracy where Conservative Republicans think
McClain cannot beat Hillary Clinton, so these Republicans go to the
Democratic Primary and vote for Barack Obama, get him elected then like
the turn coats they have always been, jump back over the fence and
carry the Christian Banner for their Conservative ( keep things the way
they are) racist ideals. They feel that there is no way that America
will let a Black Man become the President of the good old United
States. All of White America. especially the ones that are over 35
years old will vote Republican rather than remain a supporter of the
Democratic Ticket. What a strategy, so we must get out the vote not
only for the primary, for that is only half the job , we have to ensure
that no Republican can take us farther down the destruction course
began by Ronald Reagan. Can you imagine that Republicans are running on
a dead platform, that died during the Regan Administration and even he
did not want to recall it. These Conservatives have run America into
the ditch, and they still think we are on course.

We must vote,
if the super delegates give their votes to Hillary Clinton we must
still vote the Democratic ticket if that is your choice. If Barack
Obama wins the Democratic nomination we must all go to the polls and
vote. WE MUST WIN THIS ELECTION.. P’Diddy Said Vote or
Die…We did not vote and we are dying. Wake up America, there is a
voting class that has never participated in the political process, now
is the time to make a difference. Vote Early or Vote on March 4Th, but
vote. Our future relies on your vote.

Oh many
will say, Moore is playing the Race Card,,to hell with that, if it is
true, somebody gotta stand up and scream it to the people, be that
beacon on the shore that lead to safe heaven. I am not saying anything
untrue about my fellow American Conservatives, they are proud to be
what they are. You can damn sure believe I am proud to be what I am, A
Proud American. That like Obama and Clinton believes America has drug
her feet long enough, time to get on the good foot.

same Conservative that praise Jesus and him crucified are the ones
burning crosses on the lawns of those LIBERALS that are for change,
spray painting hate symbols on Jews and African American homes.  Is this what Christianity has taught a vast populous in America. Folks LIBERAL is not a dirty word, it is the first part of liberation.
The act of freeing ones self, which is exactly what we suppose to have
started to do in the 60’s. Then we got a dime or two, and lost our
direction. We started thinking that being conservative was the way to
accomplish things. Well it is, if you want to stay in the same place,
do the same things, and reap the same rewards.

These same
Conservatives are the ones that wore the beautiful sheets, road the
horses, and lite the purification cross that burned in your for parents
yard. The same Conservatives that are still living off the work of
slaves, raping our women, and justifying everything by the same Bible
that you and I read ans study, but are revealed a different
understanding.These Conservatives do all things, talk about family
values of which they have none, but are saying you have none. The same
Bible has somehow given them the understanding that if 1 drop of
Negroid blood was in your vein you were less than a human ans was
treated as nothing more than cattle. Even the Constitution of the
United States registered African in America as 3/4 a man. So really you
could not get angry at the Conservatives when he called you Boy.

in the Same United States of America, we the descendants of slaves and
slave owners have a chance to turn America into another direction. The
kind of great turn that Lyndon B Johnson, of Texas, and Martin Luther
King help make in the later part of the 60’s and early 70’s. Those kind
of changes in direction that change the Country for years to come for
the betterment of all involved. After Camelot had been torn asunder by
Conspirators that reached from the Bay of Pigs, into the revengeful
hearts of the Mafia, the way down south into the Red State of Texas,
Dallas, Texas and it’s Conservative Dallas Police Department, and then
right into the Warren ‘Commission that covered up one of the worst
crimes in the history of America. A cout detente overthrowing the
leadership of the most powerful country in the world. You see JFK had
many enemies and they were not just the ones that have been mentioned,
he was Catholic and might just might, try to side with those darkies.
Maybe JFK would have, but he had not, and didn’t start to think about
seriously battle the forces of evil in America.

The first part
of his administration he got bogged down in a war that we did not want
to really win. Bogged down in as many pieces of ass as he could get
into the white house, or his buddies house,or hotels. Some of the same
things that he turned a blind eye to were those things that Malcolm X
spoke of during the height of his leadership under The Honorable Elijah
Muhammad. Because the Muslims could not quieten Malcolm, he was
assassinated during this same period of time.

No, he did not
started to seriously look at racism until the Attorney General, Bobby
Kennedy told him something has to be done to curb the racist
undercurrent in America. Only his Brother Bobby Kennedy was up for the
task, but he attacked the Mafia, those same guys that we had called on
in WWII for assistance in moving weapons for the military and getting rid of the enemy that was so deeply embedded in the society. Well Kennedy cut and ran, leaving the revolutionaries there to take Cuba to be slaughtered, this was unforgivable, nope the Mob would not
let this action go unpunished nor would those Cubans from Florida that
has volunteered, so anyone could have ended the dream of Camelot.

his transgressions Bobby Kennedy was assassinated while campaigning for
the Presidency, the term after his brother was assassinated, now that
would have been another turn that America could have used.,


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