Do You Know The America I Know ~ Feb 26th 2008

Do You Know The America I Know

Do You Know The America I Know
have grown very tired of the hypocrites that are calling themselves
American. First the US was started for the ideal for freedom of
religion, yet we had a Presidential hopeful having to explain his
religious beliefs and another one being question in the same breath.
The odd thing is one was a Republican and the other was Democrat…so
Religious Persecution is alive and well in America.

Next we have
Americans questioning another American’s patriotism, not only in
grassroots Texas where the Alamo might be relived with so much racist
crap going on over the immigration issues. Just last year the Latino
populous marched in every major city in the Nation to bring attention
to the blatant racist attacks Levied against all Latinas not just
illegals from all over the world. Also "The US Iron Curtain" is still
on the lips of reformists throughout America.
Is this the
America we have dreamed of? Now to Obama, recently, media attacks have
increased , and that old racist head came out again, when Freedom of
Speech issues became the word of the day when Mrs Obama stated that for
the first time in a long time she was proud of America. Well those that
do not know what she is talking about are the problem.

do not know of the Institutionalized Discrimination that those of color
endure on a daily basis, but this normal way of doing business is
sanction by Corporate America It is us the Blacks, the Browns, and The
Reds that will have to make America live up to her creed, because the
Conservatives and the Christian Right will not.

When kids in school are
nearly killing each other because one is threatened to be lynched if he
sits under a segregated tree in Vida, and hate mongers like Imas and
Bill O’Riley can spew hatred and get a slap on their hands. This is the
kind of crap that the Conservative keeps festering. O’Riley calling for
a lynch mob to roundup Mrs Obama, if her statement did not meet his
criteria. and Imas calling our daughters Nappy Ho’s…

Yes this is the
America we are living in, and you better change it peacefully, because
the populous is angry just waiting for a reason to explode.
American We Can Do Better, Be Better….You Should Be Ashamed …I Am
you show Obama in his fathers traditional ceremonial dress and you link
the picture to your bastard-ed Hussein name to insinuate that he is not
a patriotic American….You Should Be Ashamed.. I know you do not care
about the America that Barack Obama talks about, because it is your
worst nightmare. You see a Black man will burst his heart trying to do
a good job for you SOBs to tear him down and block all the good he
tries to do, much like you did the Clintons. Oh No, you do not want his
America because. Mr Obama’s America is the same America that Dr. King
talked about and every African American dreams of. Yes, that America,
the one that stands tall like an Oak and shines like a beacon for all
nations to aspire to become, and for all prosecuted to walk, ride, fly,
or swim so they can be on the side of right… No you know nothing
about that kind of America

About TMoore0917

Just an everyday guy trying to make it on a stack of dimes in a hostile environment called America.
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