Dec 20th every year

December 18, 2007

Reflecting Back to 1953 December

Before I take you on another ride down yesterdays avenue, let me tell
you..It Is December BA!!BA!!!, The month the Tom Cat took his first
breath and became a living soul…

have to recognize that, today 54 years ago, my mom was two days from
delivering her long awaited son into the world. The entire family were
waiting with anticipation, for they all wanted a boy but knew the track
record, all girls. Pop had to be holding his chest out, this was the
one, it had to be the one. Mom felt that she had carried this child
differently, so it was sure to be the son they had prayed for. So they

Oh yeah I had kicked all the rest of
them sperm cells ass by then,  I was outta the pleasure into the
pain, and was already making my first woman smile, she was my
Mother….DAAMYUM U know it was time for a change. Mom and pop had 3
other girls among them and a boy was the prayer of the hour. Everybody
in my hood
was celebrating, twas the birth of the Tom Cat, the one to make the
trees blossom again. Ya heard me!!!! Hell told me the celebrating went
all the way into the New Year. (hahahahahahah, You know I gotta take
credit for that too) Yup those 3 other sister were happy too, they had
something to watch over and protect for the rest of their lives.

Back to the 21st Century

Wow, what a
relief. I have just returned from a trip to Houston, where my cousin
Deitra Jackson received her Masters in Education, and my best friends
daughter Shaundlynn Alford received her Bachelor’s degree in Theology.
I am so proud to be connected with such positive, parents and role
models and to see these two young ladies assuming their rightful places
in the food chain is just fantastic.

Not too many years ago, we
were fighting to do away with the poll tax, yes this was a small fee
charge to vote, that kept many poor Americans away from the polls. That
year was 1960 and I was 7 years old, sheltered and not knowing what
this beautiful playground had in store for an American of my caliber
and breeding.

About the most blatant things I remember as a kid
was, colored water fountains, washiteria, rest rooms, eating areas,
even though cattle were sold in the same auction barn, blacks sit in
sectioned off areas even into the early 70’s. In 1966, my Cousin,
William Calip and I integrated the Troup Swimming Pool, with no fan
fare. Kids did not have an issue with us being in the pool, just like
they did not care about us being on the football team in Jr high
School. If the parents stopped anyone from going to the pool it was
transparent to us. Also that year we were among the first African
Americans to go to integrated schools.

The Troup Banner reported
that six Coloreds have selected to attend Troup School from Central
Troup,they are: Sherry Calip, Brenda Jones, Richard Jones, Herbert
Jones, William Calip, and Tommy Moore. The article actually welcomed us
to the school.

Yup it is the glorious day of the birth of the Tom Cat, I will begin my
day with lotto tickets since I am so damn lucky, and then will be off
to one on my favorite pastimes, going to Waco to the State Championship
Game of the Longview Lobos. While I am in the area I plan to look up a
couple of my dear friends and visit my Aunt in Austin…so better look
at lodging at either Lake Travis, Town Lake or some where in between
Copperas Cove and Temple Texas.

Thought you might need a laugh and the real reason the divorce rate is so high.


A man walks into a drug store with his 8-year old son.
They happen to walk by the condom display, and the
Boy asks, ‘What are these, Dad?’
To which the man matter-of-factly replies,
‘Those are called condoms, son.
Men use them to have safe sex.”
Oh I see,’ replied the boy.
Yes, I’ve heard of that in health class at school.’
He looks over the display and picks up a Package of 3 and asks, ‘Why are there 3 in this package?’
The dad replies,
‘Those are for high schoolboys, one for Friday, one for Saturday, and one For Sunday.’
Cool’ says the boy. He notices a 6 pack and asks,
‘Then who are these for?
‘Those are for college men,’ the dad answers,
‘TWO for Friday, TWO for Saturday and TWO for Sunday.’
‘WOW!’ exclaimed the boy, ‘then who uses THESE?’
he asks, picking up a 12Pack.
With a sigh and a tear in his eye, the dad replied:
‘Those are for Married men. One for January, one for February, one for March……..’


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Just an everyday guy trying to make it on a stack of dimes in a hostile environment called America.
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