Congradulations to NYC and the New York Giants

Jan 2008

The New York Giants Shock The World ~~~ Giants Pimp Slap Patriots

am a little late with this one but I just recovered from the Shock Of
It All. For all of you guys that are great sports fans, that love to
watch the tube at home and have your beers and a few buddies over for
the big event. Were you as shocked as I was to see such an ASS WHIPPING
ISSUED on Super Bowl Sunday. The score did not show the total beat down
the Patriots suffered. At times I looked at , Tom Brady, the Patriots
quarterback and though of those days when Danny White was running for
his life behind a Cowboy line that could not hold water. Or better yet
by his word, " All I could think of was getting rid of the ball as
quickly as possibly", poor Mr Brady had that same wild look in his eyes
as he lined up against the Giant’s. That look that said how the hell am
I gonna get away from them this time, they got me on the run with no
help in sight.

What makes it even more amazing is this group of
losers, were not even suppose to make it to the playoffs, the coach was
about to get kicked to the curb, and half the squad would have been
thrown to the wind. I felt so sorry for poor Ely Manning, from the
house of Quarterbacks and he was gonna be a mediocre example of the bad
seed. But all that is gone, he has his trophy, and his brother Payton,
one of the best in the game, recognized it before any of u when he told
him he was beyond his advice. Hell the Cowboys were suppose to beat
these guys, and meet Farr and his gang on the frozen tundra to avenge
their old lost of years gone by.

HALFTIME : I got on the phone
called my NY relatives and told them…man your guys sure played a good
half, Now get ready for a good old ass kicking.

Did anyone else
see the commercial that used a caricature of Terrel Owens crying. I
think this was in poor taste and i am gonna find the folks that put it
on, I think it was from the GM family of products which I own one of. I
think they need to hear about how small that was of them. To TO, it is
OK to show emotions , especially when something dies. And this
definitely was the death of a dream. I think the whole sports world
sees, what you saw slip away on that gloomy day. And forget about the
Dallas Media if you can, they are not capable of finding news they
think that their job is to make spectacular new at the expense of
others. All year they went after you and you were on top of your game.
You have the heart of a Champion, and only Champions know that feeling
that will make grown men cry over what other call games, know you call
it your life and why you do it. Stay Strong and keep telling your
quarterback that you are better than those that are covering you
because you prepare better than the average athlete. Tears are good for
the cleansing of the soul, they might be making fun of you for crying
after the game, but I know the heart of a champion when i see one. I
shed many tears and mine were over high school sports. Keep the never
die spirit my man… Losing is not something that comes easy to
winners, neither is criticism.

GAME OVER: Yes, I ate cheese, the
same cheese that I ate when i had to make the same call to congratulate
the New Yorkers for kicking the Cowboys asses, hell one nephew did not
even look at the game, his answer " You Mean They Won" wow anything can
happen now, to which I told him let’s not go crazy now they going to
play on the frozen tundra against the old man of the North, Brett Farr
and his gang of young converts.

Be Damn, if the old man did not
play like he had been paid to threw the game. That was when I saw the
first glimpse of that all out Kamikaze bull rush they were gonna put
on, but still I felt that Brady could fire the ball to quickly for this
to make a big difference, since his line protected him so well.

Well the rest is History as they say…. Hardly anyone talks about it any more except New Yorkers.


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