Bill and the Race Card Jan 29th 2008

January 29, 2008 What is this Bullshit about Bill and the Race Card

January 29, 2008 What is this Bullshit about Bill and the Race Card

Clinton only stated facts and if Hillary falls for the same bullshit or
listen to the same bullshit advisers that Al Gore did, telling her who
to distance herself from and who to put a muzzle on, she will be become
an unelectable female Senator, and fade into the sunset like the media
and those that are not voting for her wants her to. So like Bum Philips
said, "We gonna dance with what brung us here", Hillary you better take
heed. Those SOBs do not give a damn about you, can’t you see that. No
matter what you do to appease them they will still hate your guts and
if you asked them why they will never come up with a legitimate reason.
Keep Bill on the warpath or you will be Al Gore II and can say goodbye
to your chances of becoming President of the United States, unless you
come back after plastic surgery with male DNA.

Hell folks,
let’s dance to the music, America is the most racist free world country
ton the face of the earth. We still stand tall and give our
lives for a concept that like Dr King says is a Dream , But
Never The Less We Sing of her magnificent Red, White & Blue, and how
her fields full of grain feed the people and keep us fat and happy, but
underneath that red blue and white flag are sheets with eye holes in
them, some bald headed Neo-Nazis and a whole Aryn Nation waiting to
explode. For the nightmare of all nightmares is at hand, not only is a
woman standing at the door, but so is the one with that one drop of
blood which they despise. So my Brothers and Sisters That Are Darker Than Blue Stand On The Ready for our time too is at hand, or will we
sit this one out too.

The Clintons Media has played it
conservative Race Card, but will Black America and the Clinton play
into it and Fall for the Okey Doak… You see they want to again divide
and conquer, for if they can raise our anger against the Clintons they
will have succeeded. It is all bullshit Brothers and Sisters, every
since Jimmy The Greek Snyder, stated the true reason why African
Americans are better athletes than their white counter parts:

black is a better athlete to begin with because he’s been bred to be
that way — because of his high thighs and big thighs that goes up into
his back, and they can jump higher and run faster because of their
bigger thighs. This goes back all the way to the Civil War when during
the slave trading, the owner — the slave owner would breed his big
black to his big woman so that he could have a big black kid.

On January 16, 1988, he was fired by the CBS network (where he was a contributor to the 1976) after commenting to WRC-TV reporter Ed Hotaling in a Washington, D.C. restaurant that African Americans were naturally superior athletes at least in part because they had been bred to produce stronger offspring during slavery.

you can see the American Elite smacked him down, not for betting or
lying but for not being politically correct. Since then it seems that
we as Americans cannot tell the truth in it’s full context. Bill was
right when he stated that Jesse Jackson had won several states but when
it gets down to the real America, where the real sheets, and the just
burnt up my sheets are hell the same conversation is being spoken, "WE
AMERICA, hell this is the most powerful country on the face of the
earth. Conservative Democrats will vote Republican, and Moderates will
vote for anything but Obama. Are you Crazy..Have we lost our minds..Or
have did that UFO that was spotted in northern portion of the US last week take possession of our minds into their spacecraft, manipulate it and leave
us here as quivering masses of ignorance.

Gonna sign off for
this one, but you can be sure i will revisit it before the election is
over. Again I say to my Brothers and Sisters That Are Darker Than Blue,
Stand On The Ready, for our time is at hand, Let’s Not Sit This One


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