America……. It’s Time We Grew Up

How did you feel as things transpired during the Democratic Primary, Obama vs Clinton? 
Then finally Obama-Biden vs McCain-Palin? 
How did you feel when patriotic American’s Patriotism was questioned? 
What did you do on November 3rd? 
Can you remember you thoughts and feelings on that day? 
What about November 4th where were you?
Did You Vote? 
As the results came in what emotions did you have?
Then finally, the announcement of the New President Elect, what were your feeling then and where were you? 
Did you beleive it could happen in your lifetime?
What emotions did you have at the time?
How safe do you think the new President Elect is, in our United States of America?
How have the general acceptance been from those you have talked to in you area, about the future and how successful this administration will be?


About TMoore0917

Just an everyday guy trying to make it on a stack of dimes in a hostile environment called America.
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